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Giveaway : Camaru Naturals Acerola White C

Thanks to Gloria Rosa for sponsoring this giveaway ^_^

Remember the Bamboo Charcoal soap I reviewed? I'm still using it! That lump of soap lasts forevveerrr~~

Now you can have one of your own too. For freeeee...~

The one I'm giving away is another variant : Acerola White C.

From the description, this soap sounds awesome! I'm so jealous cos the winner gets the chance to try it.

I've decided to add more stuff cos it looks too sad xD

My new love! Sasatinnie Platinum White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask. Hope you like it too =)

Solone Magic Waterproof Eyeliner in Black. This is unavailable in Malaysia so.. lucky you! XD

Fill in the Rafflecopter below to join ^_^

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  1. hurry hurry fill the content in rafflecopter. tak sabar nak join hehe ;)

  2. YEAY done ! hope can win this time !

  3. Thank you for the giveaway! c:

  4. Shanee Chandar17 April, 2012 12:54

    YAY! Giveaway ^^


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