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The 9GAG Generation

I was browsing through some things at a bazaar in Syopz, Taylor's Lakeside and this girl behind me said "this is really a 9gag generation" lolz Which is quite true honestly.. We can relate so many things to 9GAG, we connect to people from around the world through 9gag and now there are businesses sprouting because of it.

Played a game of air hockey on their iPad and won a free t-shirt! Haha.. After donning the shirt, I realized that... It looks kinda obscene, kinda like the face is sucking on girl's boobs wtf

Quality's good, I guess. It's RM 30 a piece and all the S sizes were sold out =( Hope they bring in more designs. Waiting to see Derpina! Imagine a 'Derp' & 'Derpina' meeting on the streets. Great reason to ask her out. Be brave.. Or be #foreveralone

I seriously LOLed when I saw this cos it's a drawing of the guy.

Also got these badges for RM 3 each. I really like the 'Oh stop it, you' face.

You can check out their page at Determined Chicken.


  1. Oh my, this is so cool! :) I wish we had a bazaar with 9gag stuff over here, too!

  2. Omg thats so awesome, i think Id have to buy all of them lol, too hard to resist!

  3. oh super cute!!! I'm not into 9gag but my friends are really into 9gag! I think they will be happy to have the

  4. lol i like the how to wear part! haha and its funny that u said it looks obscene coz its like sucking boob. =.= 


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