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Malaysia's Cars For Sale

The thought of buying a new car scares me. Where do I start? What's the average price? I don't even know what are the names of all these cars! *faint*

Being a total computer geek, I most probably would turn to finding cars for sale online xD

(really get a racing feel on this site lol)

I'm not good at bargaining so 2nd hand car shops are scary (they like to hike up the price especially if you look like a total car noob). Here, I can compare all the cars & their prices. I can take my own sweet time analyzing everything. No pushy salesmen hard selling their cars. They're even worse than sales assistants in beauty shops man.

Psst.. Can you see the list of car names on the left? Solves the problem mentioned earlier xD

From the comforts of my own home, I can browse through all the cars, drooling over the ones I can't afford without anyone telling me not to waste their time if I'm not intending to purchase it. Bitch please, I'm browsing for a present from my future millionaire husband ohkay?

"Engine: 4.2L - 4,163 cc V8 DOHC DI with VVT
Transmission: 6 Speed S Tronic
Power: 420Hp/7,800rpm
Torque: 317Nm/4,500rpm
Top Speed : 246km/h
0-100 km/h: 4.9 secs
Drive Type: Quattro With Limited Slip Differential
Seats: 2"

and lots of other information about the car are provided. Instead of asking the salesman what all these mean (he would give me an 'are you stupid?' look), I can ask Google.

Over the years, I have received several offers to buy my car from friends, brother's friend's sibling, sister's student's parents etc but when I think about it, if I really wanted to sell it, how on Earth am I going to? Should I approach strangers on the street asking if they want to buy my car? Out of the question! Definitely. Unless I'm desperate =/

That's when these websites come into the picture. It'll help me to increase the market for my car. From my neighbours, friend's friends, relatives etc, I can reach the whole country! I'm just a phone call away..

Some may argue that newspapers are already doing this but as I said... I'm a computer geek. Plus have you even read the Classified section!? It's black & white without pics!


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