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My Nestle Incredible Story

I've only been existing on this Earth for almost 21 years so to hear that Nestle has been around in Malaysia for 100 years is like wow! That's a really loooooong time. 

*jump into my crazy imagination world*

Imagine a 'Nestle Age' where the rivers are Milo water, Kit Kats grow on trees, Honey Stars light the night sky and it rains Nestle Bliss. Yum! The dinosaurs probably made their nest using Maggi Mee noodles too.

If you have personally experienced that (which I highly doubt lol), share it on Nestle's site HERE! They have cash prizes to give out every month until November 2012.

There are already 16 winners so you still have 8 months to try your luck. You can submit a photo, story, video or tweet.

Here's my entry! I suggest you send in all your funny, embarrassing & lame moments with Nestle asap!

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