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Instagram & Twitter Pics Cos I'm Lazy

If you don't know Instagram is now available for Android, you're really outdated! =x

Poodle puppies at Nicole's house. Damm cute!! One was making soft noises too. Aww...


Headed to 1U for lunch~

My favourite chips from Chilli's!! It's RM 12+ and refillable xP

Nom nom nom..

Decided having Maggi Mee in a Cup everyday isn't an option although it's tasty & quick. Bought Quaker chocolate flavoured cereal drink to drink before classes.

Not impressed with 8 am class *no makeup*

Yum yum Magnum ice cream ^_^

Dragon Beard Candy (lung sou tong?) which is the sticky golden syrup thrown into flour then pulled again & again til it's thin then wrapped around your chosen filling (the one in Kepong night market has peanut or black sesame). When you pop one into your mouth, it melts and the flavour of the black sesame explodes in your mouth.

Another breakfast alternative.. Trying new flavours as my ex-fav Strawberry started getting too sweet.

Animal lens cases ^_^ *needs to get going with the review*

Big tree fell down during heavy rain. Initially, I just saw the wires moving a lot & it reminded of me Jurassic Park =_="

There's a freaking Chatime in my college now =/ Self control... Self control....

Hello Kitty glasses! Planning to place lenses into these to wear everyday.

Tea time at Secret Recipe. Free coffee/tea with any slice of cake.

Very affordable & nice Western food at Damansara Jaya. It's the corner kopitiam near Blitzone. You can get a huge place of spaghetti for RM 5 only.

Attempted cooking but in the end, mummy took over the kitchen =/

Insta-pic post pretending to be a blog post ends here.


  1. angelvalerie198514 April, 2012 18:10

    Looks like someone's addicted to instagram. Hahaha.

  2. Instagram is so fun, right?! :D I am so tempted to just post IG pics and call it a blog post each week, but my inner blogger won't let me. :P I haven't had Chili's in a long time! >__<

  3. haha Don't have to snap+transfer to comp+edit+upload. Sounds tempting.. xD


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