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Project Scallop Top

I'm currently in this stupid scallop phase where I find clothes with scallop trim designs oh so appealing. After much consideration and imagination (squeezed my brain juice trying to think if this would turn out well considering my noob sewing skills) I decided to DIY one.

I'm actually quite happy with the result LOL Transformed this oddly shaped dress (nice colour, though) into a scallop trimmed top.

Firstly, put the dress/clothing on and plan where you want to place the scallop trim. I decided on above the 'flare skirt' as there's a line there to guide me.

Search for inspirations online and decide on the size of the scallop. Look for a round object with the appropriate size. Imagine your scallop as being half of the object. Draw around it with a fabric pencil. Remember to draw on the wrong side (inside) of the fabric!

Sew along the line. I could only use this normal - - - - - sewing (which I think is not that sturdy) cos my sewing machine is faulty. It's better to use VVVVVV (better for stretchable material too, I think) or that special one to 'seal the seams'. I have no idea what isit called but look at the edges of your clothes and you'll know.

Then cut the fabric according to the scallop sewing. Leave some space between the sewing and where you cut. I left about 0.5 cm here.

Alternatively, you could fold it in & sew but it's hard to fold in scallops and I was lazy =x


Well, not really but just to let you know, it's really dangerous. Not only could you burn your fabric & ruin your hard work, you could burn your finger/hand/house!

Some fabrics are extremely flammable
Test with an unwanted piece before proceeding

You could use a safer alternative which is a joss stick (used for praying) but I discovered it leaves grey marks from the ash.

Depending on your fabric, that could be your last step but since mine frays a little, I used a candle to burn the edges (it melts and seals the edge). Technically, the fabric does not touch the flame; just near enough until it melts from the heat. It could melt really fast so pay attention!

Don your new clothing & show off! xD

Sorry for the bad explanation and skill! I hope I'll improve my sewing ^_^ I'm sure there are better methods out there but this is fast & easy. It probably won't survive the washing machine though so I'm keeping it strictly hand wash only xD

Anyone made something similar? I would love to see it =)


  1. Nice! I like the after a lot more actually :3 Awesome job ^^ I haven't gone through the scallop phase yet though.. maybe soon? @.@ haha

  2. woah creative!!!! and it turns out so cute! good job~ <3

  3. oh wow u did a great job!!! i love scalloped edges too, so cute!

  4. got great skill dear..i hope that i was better sewing like you sewing skill are super bad/╯﹏╰\..haha..

  5. You did a really good job! Looks really good. :3

  6. awwww..that is so so freaking cute! I have a long shirt / skirt that I hated now. Yay, thanks for the great idea. I'm gonna try transforming mine! ^^

  7. Thanks! Me too! The before was just... urgh

  8. HAHA! My sewing line was all messy but it's alright.. Cross my fingers and hope nobody comes close enough to see them

  9. Yay! Do show me if you do. And if you have a better way of doing it cos I'm still terribly afraid of the seams coming off lolz

  10. you sew it really good! :D it looks pretty

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  11. I love it! :) The "special" stitch that seals clothing is called edging. It usually requires a special machine that does just that (an edger).

  12. I love it! :) The "special" stitch that seals clothing is called edging. It usually requires a special machine that does just that (an edger).

  13. What an great way to DIY the clothes! I should try it myself :3

  14. Thanks! Yeah my mum checked out the machine and apparently it's really HUGE! @_@ Gonna search for smaller ones =)

  15. Yup! Really happy cos I've always wanted scalloped clothes

  16. Wow, it looks so lovely, definitely a great way to customize pieces! I've been hand sewing shoulder bags from old jeans, it's an absolute pain doing it all by hand! wish I had a small sewing machine!

  17. Hand sewing is so much slower plus I get paranoid about it not being strong enough. But some sewing machines may not be able to sew denim/thick material. So I guess it's still back to hand sewing.
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