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Scene Stealer : Double Liner

Did this look for the Maybelline 'Create The Look' contest on Female. I don't think I did a good job but it was still fun! ^_^

The falsies were too long so it kinda blocked the double liner in photos =_=" Lower fake eyelashes would be more appropriate here but I didn't have any.

What do you think of this tutorial? I've seen some really fancy looking blog posts recently and suddenly had this urge to improve. I gotta admit, my blog looks pretty pathetic & plain =x I'll try to make it look better but as you can see, I'm not really an art-sy person =/

Also, any thoughts on the falsies? They're longer than my usual ones and didn't really feel comfortable.

*If anyone was wondering, photos were Photoshopped (forgot about the first pic though pfft..)


  1. This double liner gives you a sexy look! I quite like it!

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  3. Love the look!! Super gorgeous!! your blog is NOT plain at all okay...its super helpful, informative and your posts are interesting & sometimes entertaining(9 gag related, lolz)  always ^_^~

    The falsie looks pretty nice on you ^_^~

  4. I think the tutorial was good :) But if you wanted to focus on the double liner, maybe extend it out more so it's more emphasized? And lashes tend to over power liners but they always add so much oomph to the entire look haha but I think for looks that focus more on the liners... demi lashes are always good :3

  5. You did a great job. Makes your eyes look huge. Very pretty.

  6. Aww.. Thank you, Janet =)

    I thought they were too big and long IRL =/

  7. Very wearable, I like it! Agreed though, the falsies do hide the double lines, I'd have extended them further! That is if you like the drama! Maybe next time use brightly colored liners or a colored eyeshadow base with black liner in a fancy way?  :p

  8. Oh I was imitating the look and they were using black & grey-ish tones. I didn't actually wear that out hahaha..

  9. you look so pretty!! and your eyes look dolly like! <3

  10. You eye makeup is gorgeous.  I love it and the overall look is really, really  pretty.  I might have to try this!  Thx for sharing ;) 

  11. Yup... I was trying out new lashes. Should have stuck to my usual ones. They totally covered my liner :(

  12. Very good tutorial, and u did a good job, so sexy and pretty ya!! :)

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