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Sakai Shots

Sakai is my Bf's dog. He's an adorable miniature Schnauzer who's really clingy & craves attention. He has been tortured and forced to camwhore with me on numerous occasions xD

Right before his shower! Wakakaka.. Managed to catch him after chasing him for a bit. He's a lil furry ninja, I tell you!

He sometimes lies down when I want to take a shot as if he's trying to say "Leave me alone! I'm not in a mood for pictures".

*casually inserts photo of vain self*

Happily camwhoring away when this attention whore decides to photobomb me. Pfft! That explains my strange expression.

So erm.. Revenge on you, buddy! You wanna be in my pics? Huh?? HUH?? Do you..?? Do you?!

lololol "I surrender! Leave me alone.."

That's all for now! I'll be sure to spam you with more photos of him in the future xD


  1. Aww he is so cute and funny LOL
    And your captions are hilarious but I totally see it as realistically said xD

  2. omg he is adorable!!! i find that most tiny dogs are attn seeking whores lol

  3. He's my darling ^_^ I pat him before even saying 'Hi' to my bf lolz

  4. xD! Very true.. He won't accept you ignoring him. He's just follow you around and nudge you with his snout until you pat him


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