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Friendly Furballs Looking for a Home & Loving Owner

This is a photo of Samson & his 2 female companions, (unknown) and Spring. They have been recently abandoned in SS2, Selangor, Malaysia by their owners who are no longer staying there. Left without any food or water outside the house, they would not have lasted long. The gate is locked so they can't go out either. Kind neighbours are giving them food & water but are unable to provide more.

The dogs look healthy, are very friendly and love attention.

If you have extra space in your house & extra love to pass around, please consider this lovely trio.

Super urgent now! House owner wants to 'just open the gate and let them out'. She does not care about the dogs and merely wants them out of her house.

- SPCA has been called and they responded that they can't help. We should call MBPJ, they said. But honestly, I don't think the dogs would be cared for if we do hand them over to MBPJ.

26/3/2012 Update : Bag of food found spilled in the compound. Not sure where it came from. If it's a random dog lover, thank you! If it's the owner, Y U NO do this earlier?!?!?! If it was from aliens, please proceed to Africa next.


  1. So cute - I hope they find a good home.

  2. Kristin Fulamak25 March, 2012 22:26

    These people are plain HORRIBLE! i can't stand it! couldn't they at least do something to find them a better family to take in their once beloved companions? leave them there to die is the worst thing to do! such heartless ppl! KARMA!! 

    i do hope they found a lovely home and a family that appreciates them, I wish i can take these cuties in but i don't earn my own money enough to support them and my mom is scared of pets :(

  3. yes, three lovely dogs. how good if i live in landed house. please dont send them to mpsj or mppj. i hope you are able to find home for them. please help them, and i will pray for them as well.

  4. Looking at the condition of the house (omg so dirty), they probably couldn't care less!
    Subject: [sugarcoatedmuffin] Re: Sugar Coated Muffin: Friendly Furballs Looking for a Home & Loving Owner

  5. where are they located? I will take them home.

  6. They're in SS2. Are you sure you can handle all 3 dogs? We are asking the house owner for approval to take the tenant's dogs if a new owner is found.


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