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1, 2, 3, Quack!

After looking at my pretty pics yesterday, you must balance it by looking at my ugly pics today xD

I'm sure you all know what's the meaning of duck face. No, I won't show examples cos I don't want to offend any ducks girls. Most examples I see people using are of 'guai lou' but actually many of us Asians do it too.

Then I saw someone posting her photo, asking why people think duck face is ugly but the truth is, she was NOT doing a duck face. Here's some photos to show you what I mean.. I've included a 'with-hand-version' for some to help with your imagination.


Kissy (lips extended slightly)

Blowing kiss (small gap between lips)

Small lips

Erm.. *ahem* American USA duckface

Asian duckface (BIG gap between lips)

Lips are positioned at an angle x & the curve is as though it is the circumference of a circle with radius y.

It is commonly used like this... Seriously.. I see photos like this on people's profile pictures.

Even Facebook was too disturbed by that photo that it wouldn't upload it after 5 tries.

I tried doing the LOL guy face since it's similar but no matter how hard I tried, it just looked like I was giving a ninja a blowjob. NOT gonna post it lolz

I'm not one who can pull of cute poses but some people can. However, the duckface can't be helped. I suggest you load up your ammo and start hunting!

Congrats! You just wasted 10 minutes of your life reading a useless post with absolutely no valuable content. You are very welcome.


  1. Hee!  Yes US duck lips and Asian duck lips are different. :-)

  2. Hahaha~ I love this post! xD It's very amusing~ >u<

  3. AHAHA oh man. this was such an entertaining post! I love your graphical representation of the duck lips, very informative. and yeah the Asian duck face does tend to be open for some reason. Maybe it makes it cuter? and "giving a ninja a bj" HAHAHA omg best line ever XD

  4. I don't think it's any cuter though =_=" Gosh, I wonder if I did any of those when I was younger.

  5. LOL you are awesomeee! Thanks to this, things should be mkre cleared up now x)

  6. Ahhhh too funny! Thanks for all the photos and mathematical explanations lol thought I've never attempted the duck face I too, see it everywhere but I'm really indifference to it =P


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