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MagicColour Moonlight Pink

If you read my post on Thursday, you would have seen my new lenses!

Even though the Sparkling Aquas were my fav, I got 'itchy' and opened another pair. I now have 2 pink pairs, including the previous Ballerina Pinks =_="

Design is quite natural (apart from the colour of course) with a black limbal ring. The 'wrong side' of this looks very different from the right side. This is good since I'm blind as a bat without my glasses.

** Eyes untouched by Photoshop (except during overall photo brightening/colour alteration). Everything else is erm.. enhanced xD *super vain moment*

Look at the size difference~ Enlarging effect is certainly there.

My new cover photo on my FB profile LOL It creepily stares at all visitors now =x

Hmm.. Actually this Vivaldi font is quite nice ^_^ Touch up from camera + PS xD Is it possible to be any more vain? Actually I tried to PS my nose smaller but fail every time. Thank God I'm not gonna be a plastic surgeon or I'm gonna screw up all your noses!

There are 4 other colours in the Moonlight series but the green & blue are plano only =( IMO, the colour is above average-opaque. Green, brown & blue would probably be more obvious. As for the design, it ranks 2nd in my books, below Sparkling ^_^

How does it wear? Well, just like the others, it's really comfy & not drying due to it's high water content. No problems so far. They're yearly lenses but I recommend throwing them after a few months. In fact, the staff at MagicColour advice customers to dispose of their lenses after 3 months. At the promo price of RM 30 a pair, it's only RM 10 a month! So affordable~~

Diameter : 16 mm
Base Curve : Median
Price : RM 40 / year
Bought from : MagicColour
Made in Korea

Pros : Comfortable, not drying, pretty design & colour
Cons : Colour could be brighter

My conclusion : Really tempted to try the other colours! But I probably shouldn't for a while.. *stares at bag full of contact lenses* But if you're looking for something natural yet not OTT, you can give this a shot =)

Like the MagicColour FB page to be notified of any offers like this one! 5 pairs at RM 150 only plus you get a free lens case and shipping is included. The model, Agnes, is also wearing Moonlight Pink btw!


  1. I love vivaldi font! Ahaha
    And your eyes are pretty :) The pink lenses look really nice too, like how it gets darker as it goes in... Sort of like a glowing effect? .___. I don't know how to explain myself. LOL

  2. Wow, the enlargement is amazing! I think I really want to try a 16mm lens now, but it's so hard to decide between all the colours available :)
    Yeah, I also have trouble noticing right and wrong sides of my lenses!

  3. Well, I can't either. So I take advantage of offers like this. I get brown, grey, pink, green, blue & purple xD

  4. Well, actually that's just because my eyes are almost black. Actually I'm quite glad they're so dark. I can wear any colour I want! Imagine if your eyes are naturally green. Wearing pink lenses might look strange =/

  5. They look super pretty on you! :O Looks great!

  6. wow, really cute! i love how they look on your eyes. it looks really natural but still sparkling :D keep in touch <3


  7. Ooo what an interesting color...the next colored lenses I want to try is the neo ones that don't have a ring around the edge, it just blends out....They give a really interesting sparkle on dark eyes...definitely works well :)

  8. My previous blue ones didn't have a ring but I like them both ^_^ I guess it's not just about the ring but the overall design.


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