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Panel Skirts & Leopard Printed Tops

This is the second time I'm buying from Tanks for 5. I'm still wearing the clothes from my first purchase and still loving 2 of them. If you're not aware already, I do not buy branded clothes. Why buy 1 piece at RM 100 when I can buy 4 at RM 25 each?! xP Well, yeah, the quality may be better and there are more sizes (cheap ones are free size) but I'll save when I can..

Tank tops here are RM 5 only but the other clothes are pretty cheap too! Got 2 panel skirts & 3 tank tops for a total of RM 72 including postage.

The panel skirts have an elastic waist band. Length is about 37 cm which is just perfect for me ^_^ Quite comfy since it's a lil stretchable. The other one is actually gray cos I already got a black one from Gyaru Fashionistas (wanted to blog about this but their blogshop disappeared). Now regret I didn't get the Royal Blue one as well! And perhaps that red.. Unfortunately, I can't wear this high waisted since it's too big for my waist.

Found the colour of this cream skirt to be quite unique so I grabbed it. I usually never buy light coloured clothes online since they tend to be sheer but I took my chances since I like panel skirts lol It is a little sheer so you gotta be careful with what underwear you wear! Not too bad cos of the horizontal lines though.

Didn't realize all 3 I chose were leopard prints =_="

I try to only buy the ones with lines like this as they're much more stretchable and oh so comfy ^_^

Would I return? Yes! It's in my list of bookmarks and I always check for updates. I spot many nice dresses but the seller normally only stocks dresses that are between 70-77 cm so I can't wear them =( Too short for me! *sigh*

Cynthia, the owner, has a shop in Empire shopping mall where you can COD for your clothes.
Hand phone number : 012-683 3989
Office number : 03-5611 2763
Website :

She also sells My Lip Stuff Lip Balms at her other blogshop HERE.


  1. Thanks so much for introducing this shop!! I wonder if they ship to Australia... I love panel skirts!!

  2. Me too! xD I think they do, actually.. You could ask them :)


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