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November Work Photos

Star Bid & Win promoter at Tropicana City Mall. Still can't believe people bought hundreds of newspapers! @_@

Zach, the mind controlling magician.

Zach's boss, the sniper with *I think* a modified Nerf gun.

Chun Li dancing wtf There was a cosplay competition so there were a number of cosplayers there.

Warhammer 40k booth right across

If you see it, you will shit brix

If you don't see it, press Ctrl + A

On the left is Ironman in a Batmobile.

Dumex Dugro Roving Team.. Went to Batangkali, Sepang, Shah Alam, Rawang and Puchong Perdana. *Culture shock*

Apparently, I look like a small kid here... =/

Forest and mountains on the way to Batangkali o_0 I wouldn't be surprised if King Kong jumped out at us.

On the other side of the truck, it's written 'untuk perut ceria' (for a happy tummy) which is supposed to mean good digestion or whatever. This Indian man came and asked us "perut also can ceria wan meh?" (stomach also can be happy?). This is why some things should not be translated..

Look up again if you did not see King Kong.. lol

Customers! Y U NO want freebies?
Children! Y U NO stop taking balloons?

It's quite funny sometimes when a Malay customer would speak to me in English while I'm talking to her in Malay =_="

My Teddy biscuit partner, Shirley.

Er... Unknown male, 6'2", green in colour. Last seen being swarmed by kids.

Ahh... Blog drafts and unedited photos scattered everywhere.. Time to get to work (the kind that does not pay T_T)!


  1. eehh, I thought you said you can't speak malay! XD

  2. Every Malaysian can speak Malay... It's just the matter of how well (or badly, in my case lol) they speak it =)
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