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A Cockroach Taught Me Something

This may seem ridiculous..

I was about to fall asleep a few nights ago when I heard a familiar fluttering like that of wings. Then there was a PLOP on the pillow right beside me. I shot up immediately and turned on the lights. And guess what I found?



I would have soooo freaked out if it fell on my face or worse.... in my mouth

So there I was chasing after a cockroach in the middle of the night with a plastic bag. And what would I do if I managed to capture it? I have no idea...

I finally cornered it and with a snicker, poked and teased the roach that almost gave me a lifelong nightmare of roaches dropping on me. Then it stopped moving and... appeared to be afraid of me. All of a sudden... I felt the cockroach was very pitiful wtf!

It didn't wish to be born ugly so I shouldn't be teasing it like that. So in the end, I just let it go, opened the door and hypnotized myself to think that it went out.

Come to think of it, I guess I was being a bully lol Nobody should be teased or mistreated just because they're ugly. After all, not everyone can look good like me..


Just joking...!


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