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Chilla Cup Solaris Mont Kiara

Thanks to Xavier Mah & Nicole for this opportunity ^_^

My first group food review session.. At Chilla Cup, Solaris Mont Kiara which is a place for friends and family to chill with a cup (hence, the name).

Freshly brewed and baked... Just the way you love it!

There's also no service charge as it's self serviced (they're using UFOs).

Wow.. There's so many types of chairs lol

Food blogger spotted behind taking photos! Lol

We were the earliest so... Camwhore to kill time =x I quote Xavier, "syok sendiri".

The person who made it all happen..

Nicole's drink which she liked. I think I'm more used to artificial strawberry taste, which isn't good... Prices with 2 numbers are for different sizes.

Gan cheong to take this pic cos Evelyn said "Faster take photo before it changes colour!"

My newfound addiction.. COFFEE! I'm quite a coffee noob but this is lovely.. Just right for my taste ^_^ Even though there's caramel, it isn't too sweet.

Janoah's Cookies N Cream was quite a bland disappointment.. Apparently, we weren't the first to say so. Hopefully they will improve on the taste =)

I have always been amazed by 'coffee art'..

Syok sendiri again =/
Actually I don't think I had this. Was so into taking photos of the food that I forgot to actually eat the food =_="

This 1 was too sweet for my taste plus we were there for lunch and I guess savoury food first would be more appropriate.

That one's too sweet.. This one's too salty lol Or maybe it's just cos I'm not a fan of pretzels. The bread's really soft and fluffy though. They have 4 types of sauces for you to dip your pretzel in : cream cheese, sour cream & onion, tomato salsa and caramel.

This was quite yummy.. However, we did find it a little too sweet. Maybe that's where the bland drink comes in lol To counter the sweetness of the food.

How you drinks look like before being mixed.

Make sure you get a good portion of the cream with the crunchy toast as it's goooodd..

*drools on it so noone else can have it*

I like pizzas with thick crusts so this didn't appeal to me. Thanks to Mr Evelyn (corrected! lol) for posing for us lol

Stupid things happen when bloggers meet.

Told ya..

Need I say more..?

So every month, Chilla Cup has different promotion menus. The December set meal comprises of 1 main course and a drink, priced at RM 18.90. You can choose between an Icy Lychee/Americano or upgrade to latte/cappuccino for an additional RM 3. As for the food, they have 3 choices as below :

1. Harvest Chicken Stew with Wholemeal Pita
The potato is well cooked, crunchy but soft inside. Chicken chunks were tender and tasty. I think this could be quite filling though..

2. Fish Pasta with Sour Cream
Yum... I don't usually like creamy sauces with my pasta but this is delicious! It doesn't have that sickening effect and goes well with the fish.

3. Grilled Black Pepper Chicken
This was nomnomnom-licious! My favourite dish that day. Love the sauce, love the chicken (so smooth and juicy...), even love the fries! The side veggies aren't your usual dried out pathetic looking carrot/pea/corn either. I would definitely pick this out of the 3.

Then we all tried to capture the steam coming out of the food =_="

Dunno why all the good stuff came later =_= I loved the Icy Lychee!! I've had this thing for lychee drinks ever since my first lychee martini (which happened to be my first cocktail). Refreshingly cool for hot days ^_^ The green thing next to it is some kinda mint drink which tastes awesome! Just like After Eight chocolates x_X Craving for it now dammit! Highly recommend this 2!

Happy me with my cup of Icy Lychee.


You can also join their Chilla Quizzas on their FB page to win food & drinks just by answering a simply question.. ^_^


Group shot!
Camie, Janoah, Nicole, me, Rane, Xavier & Evelyn

Pai seh cos everyone whipped out super canggih cameras while I contemplated using my phone camera before ditching that idea and borrowed my sister's G12 lol

Operation hours :
Sunday - Thursday :  7 am - 1 am
Friday, Saturday and Public Holidays Eve : 7 am - 3 am

Website : HERE
Facebook : HERE
Branches :
Solaris Mont Kiara
no. 2 ground floor, jalan solaris 3, 50480 kuala lumpur
Quill 7 Sentral
ground floor quill 7, no. 9 jalan stesen sentral 5, kuala lumpur sentral 50470, kuala lumpur
Subang Avenue
lot sg-03a, ground floor, subang ave persiaran kemajuan ss16, 47500 subang jaya, selangor


  1. wow so much yummy food!!!! the thick toast looks so good, i looove thick toast. & the pizza too! looks like u had a great time =]

  2. I certainly did! Thinking of going back just for the smoothies! xP

  3. glad to have met you...

    my hubby is freaking out "mr papa evelyn" mwahaha....

  4. LOL omg.. I'm so sorry.. I overheard someone saying that he's your father. Although kinda strange due to the age difference, I didn't think much about it xD


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