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Kissed by a Handsome Boy (Who's Not my BF)

Heheheee! =]

And yes.. He actually did kiss me. Twice! 

Just glad there wasn't any 'tongue action' LOL

Mocha is so adorable.. He's super big and fluffy now. Time for a haircut!

Some randomness..

Still loving Chatime Pearl Milk Tea! ^_^

Saw that 'foreign object' in Chatime?

Chatime Malaysia has posted a video explaining the 'plastic sheet'. I think the person who made the accusation has never made jelly before.

Sushi Tei lunch set~ Yum yum.. It's either RM 26 or 30 which is quite affordable for Jap considering the portion. It's a bento set with chawanmushi & miso soup.

Nicole's unagi set comes with pasta salad, rice and potato. The pasta salad is horrid.

For my salmon sashimi set, the potato is replaced with vegetable tempura. The sashimi is fresh and tasty ^_^ *drools* Sashimi at Sushi Tei is always fresh but it's a lil pricey.

Don't be deceived.. I could not finish this set (I ate a little over half of the bento) but Andrew came to save me xD If you're a super small eater, I think 2 of you can share one set.

Oh, remember that Black&White gum I was looking for? Andrew found it!! And bought a box containing 60 pieces =/ Plus a whole jar of gummy burgers. I'm kinda afraid of telling him what I like sometimes cos he'll say "you like ____? OK! I'll buy you one box" LOL I think he's so cute like that.. ^_^

Oh and due to his er.. 'big purchase', the guy gave him free biscuits. He said.... "Once you try it, you will be addicted!!" Or something along the lines of that lol I tried it and it isn't exactly HG cookie =x

Shit.. I'm hungry now. Argh!

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