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Tuesday at 1 Utama

Whee~~ Met with some of the Refa Angels on Tuesday..

This is the super skinny Evonne who has super big eyes lol

I'm so short and fat and yellow(?) compared to them! Joanne & Evonne are sisters, btw.

Beh tahan had to PS my squinty eyes cos I'm standing next to Evonne =/ Note to self : Wear falsies next time you see her.

Lunch at Pizza Milano~ Evonne's beef lasagna in a cute boat plate. She only finished half of this.. No wonder she's so thin!

Yup.. Number 19 again but I requested less spicy (so I can add Tabasco) & with extra seafood. Joanne said I'm so particular with my order. Then.. Nicole arrived and ordered hers with extra seafood, no calamari & more fish LOL

Ahh.. Perfect view of Chatime (coming soon) from there. Wonder how the competition's gonna be like between Chatime & Come Buy in 1 Utama.

Er.. Stocking up for war? Lol... I try to only buy masks during sales so.. =x

Watson's Moisturising Facial Mask - RM 24.50, 2nd @ RM 1 (wtf dam worth it lor! But only applicable for Cucumber & Aloe)
Watson's Energising Eye Mask - RM 19.90 (no discount but I'm running out)
Charles Worthington Hair Masque - RM 20+ (30% off)
Watson's Brightening Facial Mask - RM 5.90, 2nd @ RM 1 or something like that
And er.. bunch of samples from counters lol

The Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara, Kiss Me Heroine Make liquid eyeliner (I just ran out of this but forcing myself to finish my Maybelline gel liners) and Maybelline eye & lip makeup remover are on sale~~ The mascaras at 60% off!


  1. The Maybelline eye & lip makeup remover is on 60% discount too?! *rushes off to Watsons*

  2. omg I'm so sorry.. I meant it's on sale but only 30% (I think)

  3. You look beautiful, all of you do!
    omg, im drooling over the seafood<3

  4. Thanks =)
    Unfortunately, the pasta didn't taste as good this time =( The quality seems to differ every single time I eat it!

  5. Om nom nom-- fooood~.

    And a Maybelline sale? <33 Jealous~. Still, You got a great haul of beauty products, it looks like. 8)


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