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Clear Women Hairfall Defense Shampoo

Random : Pity all the people who get directed to THIS post while searching for 'pirate' for Halloween LOL

CLEARly (from the lack of photos in this post), I've forgotten to take photos before I finished the whole bottle and tossed it. My hair's been dropping at an alarming rate, especially after I had it dyed at M9 Saloon. I ran to the pharmacy and desperately grabbed a few hair fall products. The shampoo looks something like this..

I've never bothered to glance at Clear products before but I heard Nicole mentioning this product once so I decided to grab it. It claimed to reduce hair fall by up to 98%! Actually that's like a trick.. 1% is still included in 'up to 98%'. It's like putting a sign that says "Prices start FROM RM 5" then you see ONE RM 5 item which is a sock while everything else is RM 30-50. Hate that..

Before using this, every time I combed my fingers through my hair, I'll find at least 3 strands of hair. Go through it a few more times and I'll probably have about 15 strands? And then there's the ones on my bed, bathroom floor, room floor, clothes etc. Dam emo cos I don't wanna be bald (FML were the Yun Nam people right?). Don't even dare to scratch my head too hard cos I'm imagining my fingers scraping the hairs right out of my scalp x_X

After finishing 1 bottle, I'm very happy to say that... My hair is back to normal! Phew.. And no special hair treatment worth thousands of Ringgit involved. This shampoo seems to focus more on the scalp than hair though.. Looking at my dry mane, I'm not sure if I should repurchase this. At least now I know what to get if my hair starts giving me problems again ^_^

Bought from : Pharmacy

Pros : Solved my hair fall problem
Cons : Doesn't do much for hair

My conclusion : Definitely repurchasing this if I see my hair dropping uncontrollably again.


  1. waah actually I've been wanting to get my hair dyed, but its been falling out like mad for like some months now. now I'm afraid >.<

  2. thanks for sharing this product, I need something to stop my hair falling out >.<

  3. Thanks for the share and discussion about your problem,I appreciate your post because it gives the right information to the peoples about their curiosity .

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