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Kanebo Blanchir Superior White Deep Clear Conditioner

I've been looking for a new brand of skincare as I suspect my skin has adapted to my Hada Labo routine. My skin is no longer sufficiently moisturized, leaving it dry, flaking and dull. Fine lines and clogged pores became more obvious as the days passed *cries* After trying samples here and there, Nicole introduced me to Kanebo. I have several products but let's start with this..

This clear conditioner is a lotion / Asian toner. In contrast with my Hada Labo lotion that I pat in, this is meant to be applied using a cotton pad. There's even a specific way of applying it.. Read more HERE.

It's actually quite nice if your cotton pad is saturated enough. My face feels fresh and moisturized already after this.

According to Nicole, this range aims to hydrate and brighten skin. Target age group is 18-25 years old. Just perfect..


Love the red colour of this range.. Looks so luxurious.. Even the mini size looks so good!

Sorry blur pic.. The recommended amount of 3 ml saturates about 90% of the cotton pad but I find it to be too much so I use max half of the cotton pad.

After the first few applications, I noticed using a cotton pad gets rid of my flaking skin (kinda like exfoliating) and subsequently, I no longer had flaking skin if I used this continuously. Dry skin is improving, fine lines are less obvious (because skin is more hydrated) and overall, my skin just feels better. I also notice my skin is brightened and smoother. I thought my complexion was clearing too but my skin is so unstable, I can't be sure =/

Size : 120 ml
Price : RM 100+ (not sure, do confirm at Kanebo counters)
Bought from : Kanebo counters (Nicole's at the one in Subang Parade)
Made in Japan

Pros : Removes flaking skin, moisturizing, brightening, leaves skin smoother & plumped, fine lines are less obvious, no perfume, refreshing
Cons : Requires a cotton pad

My conclusion : Loving Asian lotions over toners now.. ^_^ Should be purchasing the full size of this soon.

** I did not purchase the product with my own money. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. your review make me tempted to try this one hahaha

  2. HAhaha! You should! Ask for samples and see if it suits you.

  3. May I know if the lotion is clear when it's poured onto the cotton pad, or as shown above, skin-toned colour?

  4. Hello, it is a yellowish colour. Not exactly clear as the name suggests. They just mean it's not milky or opaque.

  5. Thank u very much for sharing=D


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