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October Empties

Really helped with my hairfall problem! For once, a shampoo that actually does what it claims.

2. Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner
- Felt tip is a good size, waterproof, long lasting, doesn't smudge/flake, easy to control.
Quite good actually.. Worth purchasing =)
Review coming soon!

A good purchase ^_^ Will repurchase if I run out of lip balms I have or want to try (new products are coming in too fast though!).

* Pic from BubblezShoppe

4. Spa Ingredients Glutathione & Papaya Soap
This soap is more popular so it's always sold out. I actually stalked her page to see when this came back in stock so I could grab one lol I quite like it but I don't think it did much for my skin. I'm not dark but I wasn't fair to begin with so maybe I'm already at my 'original colour' and can't go any fairer?

Original price is RM 20 but it's only RM 9.90 now! Click HERE to buy.

Gosh.. So sad that I only finished 4 products this month =_=" And I gained 2 products from a giveaway I won too! Plus some other goodies (not sure if I'll reveal this good news lol).

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  1. Hahaha... much much better than me... I only managed to finish two products.


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