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Come Buy @ 1 Utama Buy1Free1 Promo

*Slight interruption before my post... I'm officially an AUNTY now! =x*

Anticipation to try Come Buy built up within me as I walked past it everyday when I was working in 1 Utama. Finally got to try it on Tuesday ^_^

Queue was quite long due to the Buy 1 Get 1 Free promo but they make the drinks so fast!

I'm boring with my choices so I stuck with Bubble Milk Tea =/ I prefer Chatime's tea-er taste but the pearls are ZOMG so awesome! The whole pearl is so chewy and yummy. Dunno how to describe but it feels fresh and not like it's been boiled then left there for hours before jumping into my mouth. The pudding (jelly) has quite a unique taste to it as well.. Really adds taste to the otherwise average milk tea.

* Grapefruit Green Tea label is in the middle cos I don't remember which is which =/ And my lychee is missing from the pic! =(
** Correction : Pudding Milk Tea is actually Grass Jelly Milk Tea

Promo is from 22nd Oct - 4th Nov only.. After that though.. You can use the 50 cent discount voucher which expires end of this year.

* Promo available from 1pm-5pm and 6pm-10pm only

Buy any of the drinks in the menu and get a free Grapefruit Green Tea / Coffee / Lychee Juice with Jelly.

Interested to try the Ultimate QQ Milk Tea & Sweet Rose Drink with Basil Seeds next! The basil seeds look dam cute in the cup..


  1. hello.
    just wanna ask u if this bubble milk tea is halal or not?

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I'm sorry, I have no idea.. Maybe it's better if you ask them directly on their FB or call them? I think the bubbles are made from tapioca & there shouldn't be any meat in the drink itself? But still better to confirm with them =)


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