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Biotherm Skin.Ergetic Serum

It used to be all about reducing signs of aging. Now there's signs of fatigue as well (shit.. more problems to worry about!). The Biotherm Skin.Ergetic Serum aims to reduce signs of fatigue BEFORE they turn into signs of aging. Err.. Prevention is better than cure, right?

Product says :
Biotherm creates SkinErgetic, its 1st non-stop anti-fatigue moisturizing routine to reduce visible signs of fatigue so they don’t turn into signs of aging. To fight the most visible signs of fatigue, give your skin a new energy source - a powerful boost of moisture and radiance.
Results: Skin is smoother and plumped, features are refined and rested, and complexion is radiant and even.

Now.. I've only tried a sample of this so I did not experience the mixing of the active ingredients. Note : Product is effective for 3 months only after mixing.

When I tried the tester at the counter, I was immediately captivated by it's scent which is so fresh and green and vegetably. Reminds me of fresh salad, yogurt or something sweet. I guess that makes sense since there's broccoli extract in this serum. I also love the green bottle and the dropper.

The serum feels slimy but is light when applied. It doesn't leave my skin greasy/sticky and absorbs really fast, which is great cos I still have to apply moisturizer after serums. I normally use serums at night only but I wouldn't mind using this in the day time as well.

Apart from the super nice smell and some help with keeping my skin hydrated, I did not notice any difference. I still like it though as it moisturizes without making my skin oily.

Unfortunately, my skin developed red bumps after using this =( Gave it a second try and the bumps reappeared *sigh..* Perhaps I can finish the samples as hand cream so I can still smell it when I sleep lol
Ingredients :

Size : 50 ml
Price : RM 195
Sold at : Biotherm counters
Made in France

Pros : Smells great, hydrating, not greasy/sticky, absorbs fast
Cons : Lasts for 3 months only, gave me red bumps

My conclusion : Did not notice any improvements in my dull, tired skin. Red bumps prevent me from using it further to see if there's any results =( Even If I do get it, I might not finish it within 3 months and that'll be such a waste.. Will not purchase.

** Samples were obtained for free. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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  1. oh no! sorry to hear that your skin reacted badly to it. that's what always scares me when im trying new products. i hope your skin clears up soon!


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