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ReFa Platinum Electric Roller (Try for Free!)

Just a short post today before I head to work.. This is the ReFa Platinum Electric Roller which is also used by Hollywood stars.

Well, the one for sale doesn't come with the pretty 'jewels' but the device itself contains 16 types of crystals! I was introduced to the benefits of using crystals on the body during my visit to Cres. Really liked the lifting effect and now there's THIS! Basically, you just roll it on your face & body and it produces a micro-currents that improve skin regeneration and increases amount of collagen.

Benefits :
Improves elasticity & moisture
Anti aging
Lifts skin (including boobs)
Feels dam nice when you massage
Reduces dark circles, wrinkles & cellulite

Info :
No battery - has a solar panel, use in minimum dim light
No down time to recharge
Made from platinum
Rollers are very smooth
Made in Japan
Comes with warranty

I have personally tried this device and after 1 minute.....

Before I even looked in a mirror, I could feel the effect! Not kidding.. I felt like the right cheek was firmer and lighter (as though it was lifted). This was confirmed with a photo.. Testing on another girl's leg also made one side firmer & fairer.

I'm so so so interested in seeing the effects on other people so come find me in front of Delicious 1 Utama to try it for free xD I'll be there from 10am-10pm, Wednesday til Sunday. I'm not getting commission for sales so I'm not asking you to come buy it.. Just wanna share this awesome device ^_^


  1. Wow sounds intresting! Can't belive a device like that can tone your face instantly.

  2. looks like a very effective tool. too bad i'm no where near the meet up place :( good luck!

  3. Yeah!! I didn't believe it myself until I tried it and saw the results on other girls

  4. Do you know what is the difference between refa pro vs refa carat?

  5. Sorry, I've only tried the ReFa Pro but you can find the answer here! =)

  6. Are you still using ReFa Pro? How's the result now? Other than lifting skins, does it help in slimming?

    1. Sorry the device was not mine. As I recall, it's supposed to reduce water retention and cellulite. Not too sure about slimming

    2. Alright thanks!

  7. Are you still using ReFa Pro? How's the result now? Other than lifting skins, does it help in slimming?


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