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Washing My Face with a Tuft of Cloud

As I mentioned several posts down, I like to lather up my facial wash until it's foamy as fine foam can clean the pores better. However, I never managed to get so much foam until Nicole taught me this.

It kinda looks like when you beat egg whites or.. as I imagine it, a tuft of cloud. Actually, kinda jealous when I was reading about the new Biore Marshmallow Whip but then I have my own version right here lol

I'm using a yogurt cup here.. Put a small amount of water in the cup & add some facial wash. The amount of facial wash needed depends on the brand and type. You just gotta experiment with this. Mine is from Kanebo.

You can choose to 'beat' it or simply mix it. Beating gives better & faster results but is more tiring. You will soon see lots of bubbles and once it looks like it isn't going to get any fluffier, add a tiny amount of water and continue beating. Repeat this until it gets super fluffy or begins to feel 'unfluffy' (indicating you've added too much water). From 1 cm of facial wash, I can get a full cup of foam.

That cup of foam is more than enough for my whole face so I might reduce the quantity. It should be so fluffy and dense that you can't really feel your fingers touching your face.

Tips :
1. Start with a small amount of water and gradually add smaller bits of water.
2. Use a wide 'tool' instead of a round/small one. I'm actually using my Elf Foundation brush =_=" But I guess a spoon will do the job well. The bristle side was much much better than the handle.
3. Wash your mouth area last as the foam can enter your nose x_x Or is that just me?
4. Share with your family or friend as you'll probably get more than enough for your own use.


  1. How cool! I HAVE to try this! Thanks!

  2. Wow this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  3. thats a cool idea if you dont have a net!! really looked like a hot drink for a moment there :P

  4. That is an AMAZING tip. <333

    Many thanks for this post!

  5. hahahah my foam loves my nose too XD hahahaa


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