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Photoshop : How to Remove Stray Hair from Faces

Ever had a nice photo taken.. Only to have your hair ruin the shot?

I HAVE!! Zzz...

No choice but to remove the strand of stupid hair or else it's so distracting *perfectionist*
Original picture from long time ago :

*stares at lashes* How come my lashes don't look like that anymore? And I can't apply eyeshadow nicely now after not having done so for so long.. Argh!

And with a wave of a magic wand.. (it's Spot Healing Brush Tool actually, not the Magic Wand lol) Poof! Stupid hair gone..! Hand itchy so I did my brows too =_=" Got rid of strays and added hair on bald spots xD One part of my eyelash even elongated lololol

It's all done with one tool only.. ^_^ Perfect for Photoshop noobs like me lol Sorry if I did anything wrong or if there's an easier method.. I'm not really pro at this o_O Just enough to get simple things done =/

I use a smaller brush size for accuracy (but bigger if I'm lazy =_=). Drag it along the hair or dot (see which has better results) and the hair magically disappears~ I did the same thing on the bald spots. I just dotted where I want more hair and it samples the surrounding (where there's hair) and adds hair to the spot lol

I have to press undo a few times (experiment) with this tool though as it sometimes gives you weird patches of extra hair or something hahaha.. It's just a program anyway..

Oh.. Did you know Photoshop is also an excellent wrinkle remover which happens to also decrease dark undereye circles? I used the same tool but this time with 25% hardness instead of 100% used for removing hair. Somehow it looks more natural for skin o_O

How I wish my undereye is that smooth in real life.. =/ Just FYI, I do not edit my photos this way lol I just remove the stray hair on rare occasions.

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