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iBilik - CariBilik Redesign!

There have been several times that I'm driving somewhere and I come to a stop at a traffic light behind a cab. I don't know who came up with the idea of placing advertisements on taxis but he/she is a genius lol You might find these familiar..

Not my photos, btw.. It's dangerous to take photos while driving! lol

2 things caught my eye : 'Lowest Price' and 'Online Booking' (lol.. for lazy bums who are kiamsiap like me)

Actually, iBilik is the new caribilik which is a website where you can find rooms for rent. They've given it a whole new look that's clean and professional.

The rental price is quite low as I even saw RM 150! For students who are not originally from that area, that's quite an affordable price to pay per month. They will list it out if internet, washing machine, air conditioning etc are available as well as if it's near public transport. How convenient! You don't have to call them one by one to ask for the details.

I like that some of them include photos of the place but most of them don't have photos / the photo is ridiculously small / is showing the whole condo, exterior of the house etc which doesn't even matter since I want to look at the room! 

It would be so much better if there were more photos of the rooms to view as I'm not traveling all the way from Kedah to Johor just to find out that the room is not up to my expectations.

I'm impressed with the short term rentals though. The website even has reviews! So you can read on other people's past experiences and you don't have to worry about unfriendly/cheating hosts since you can threaten to give them bad feedback xD They're not bogus reviews either. If you explore a little, you will find some negative ones =x

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