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Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jaya One

Quite a number of people have recommended this place to me so I HAD to check it out..

I had to try their alcohol, obviously. I got a glass of my favourite cocktail, the Long Island Tea RM 28. Actually I wanted to try something called 'Girl' (saw it on a blog) but we found out that it is only available on Tuesday, which is ladies night. My drink was milder than some others I have tried elsewhere, which is good if you just want to have a good time and not get wasted. People who prefer drinks that go down smoothly may like this over harsher variants too. The glass was pretty big too so no complains about portion.

After drooling over the food pics for a week with Nicole, we finally salivated over the real food =D

Now, don’t drink on an empty stomach! I ordered a traditional Belgian dish - Chicken Waterzooi - as my main course. Honestly, it didn’t look like much at first as the portion seemed so small but it surprised me by turning out to be just right! The chicken was cooked very well, was still juicy and tender. The dish also consisted of carrots, young potatoes and leeks in the light lemon cream sauce which was made from Hoegaarden. Super super yummy!! Served on the side were 3 slices of toasted bread which you can dip into the sauce. Simply delectable.

I thoroughly enjoy my greens and had a salad for my starter. Salads do not go far but I did enjoy the freshness of the ingredients which had a lovely crisp to them. There was a little hill of capsicums, onions, leafy vegetables and olives. There were also 4 yummy prawns and it was drizzled in the most amazing sauce. Equally as tasty as my chicken!

Bill came up to RM 80+, which goes under 'once in a while treat'.

Argh.. Look so tired here.. Result from weeks of insomnia. Overall, I'm quite satisfied and determined to come back on a Tuesday!


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