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The omgwtfisthis fruit

Breaking my 'bloggers block' with a crap post. Let me just introduce my sister...


(Imagine I inserted a photo of her here)

She likes to try out new things and experiment with food. She's eaten tarantulas (well, technically.. she and her hubby shared one) in Cambodia, bought a worm candy in Chicago & wants to eat sago worms (or has already tried them). So.. When she excitedly asked me to eat some fruits she brought back from Pulau Perhentian, I was suspicious.

I peeked into the bag prudently and.. OMG WTF is this?! (ok actually I don't curse irl lol)

Geli to the max!! =_=

Sorry if you puked. I had a hard time believing they were fruits and not some giant disaster when a snake mated with a worm (wait... is that even possible?).

Gross... The fruit AND the mating part.

Well anyway, when you finally muster the courage to touch and peel it, you will find that it is sour and really crunchy. And we thought it kinda smelt like nangka o_O

We placed the skin/peel on my dad's workdesk cos he gets really grossed out by creepy crawlies. Unfortunately.... No one woke up early enough to see his reaction cos he's usually the first to get up. Which idiot came up with this idea..? =_="

Maybe some of you know what fruit this is but I feel so ulu cos I have not even seen it before (or NOT ulu enough, according to my sis swt..)

Next post will have better looking food. I promise =/


  1. Its buah salak, i like it very much...I never think it look weird. LOL. I think it looks nice actually. Salak is actually a palm tree. The fruit other name is snake fruit.

  2. geli weih..............euuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  3. @ Pepper
    LOL no way... It's a fruit with snake skin and you don't think it looks weird?!

    @ JY
    xD Plus it has sharp spikes as well..

  4. I think it's because I'm so used to this fruit. I've been enjoying as long as I can remember. So, it's something very familiar to me.

    Furthermore, I think snake is gorgeous. I think it's kinda weird because while my friends cringe at the sight of it, I wrap a live python all over me. LOL.

  5. so should be porcupine mated with snake?? =X (infertile= not a new species) LOL

    sorry pepper if ever u find it offended, juz tat i'm too ulu seriously..........==

  6. lol..Isabel! You've never eat those before?? they're quite delicious, aren't they? but those young ones taste kinda kelat..>_< if they're properly riped, super yummy! ;D

  7. @ Pepper
    Gah! I'm not fond of anything that's not furry LOL

    @ JY
    You really... *faint*

    @ aisyah
    Noooo..!! There was one that was too ripe or rotten and it was kinda soft in some spots =/ Tasted and smelt kinda sweet n fermented, which is so weird..


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