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Rimmel 60 Seconds Flash Nail Polish

Wheee... I'm all for quick drying nail polishes now ^_^ After trying my first one by Sally Hansen, I was very impressed but the price stopped me from purchasing any more. Then I got another one! This time by Rimmel..

I was quite excited to try this since 'Boo' left a message on my chat box saying this nail polish has a good brush. The Xpress brush is flat on one side and is quite big and fluffy, covering a wide area with each stroke. Together with the smooth formula, it's so easy to apply! Not everyone is ambidextrous so this is a good thing indeed.

I still need 2 strokes for each nail though.. So the 1 second application doesn't apply for me. Maybe 2-3 seconds per nail? Lol It's softer than the SH one so it's easier to apply. I much prefer this brush ^_^

The shade 430 Coralicious appears pinkish in the bottle but it's actually a daring coral which is so so sooo beautiful!

Super LOVE it!

Sorry for the messy application AGAIN. I did try to clean it T_T

It dried in 60 seconds as claimed, has a shiny finish (top coat not necessary) and looks best with 2 coats. A single coat still looks okay but I prefer it to be more opaque.

At only RM 11.90, I wouldn't mind purchasing more colours! ^_^

Product says :

•XpressTM brush for 1 second application
•Dries in less than 60 seconds
•Picture perfect nail colour in a flash!
Size : 8 ml
Price : RM 11.90
Sold at : Watson’s Personal Stores and Guardian Pharmacies
Made in Spain

Pros : Good brush, fast & smooth application, dries fast, lovely colour, cheap, shiny finish
Cons : -

My conclusion : I foresee that this will be frequently used xP Love everything from the brush to the colour. Even the rounded bottom on the black cover!

** Product was provided by Yuberactive for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. This nail polish looks amazing! I always hate the long and boring wait for nail polish to dry, will need to try this out! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Yessss.. Just wish they had more shades though =(


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