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Ramadan Buffet @ Garden Lifestyle Restaurant Alamanda Putrajaya

I've walked past Garden Lifestyle Restaurant a few times before and have always admired the lovely design but funny how I never thought of eating there. Then Nicole & I went for their Ramadan Buffet alllll the way in Alamanda Putrajaya. Was the journey worth it? Read on to find out!

Love the interior..

Can't wait for the food! xD But actually we waited cos it's not buka puasa time for the Muslims yet.. Please be respectful and try not to eat in front of them. We know you're hungry but they haven't eaten for the whole day. Buffet starts at 7.30 pm.

With Nicole's 'bro', the chef there.

There's this cute hammock egg chair outside.. Which we proceeded to take photos with =/

And went on to take more photos...

Even the staff were sneaking smiles at us.

Buffet area was located outside. Luckily it wasn't very hot & humid that night. There was soup, local cuisine, seafood spaghetti, rice, pasta, mutton, mussel, prawn, satay, kuih muih, syrup, Ribena, watermelon juice, coffee and tea. Not sure if I missed anything.. I didn't take photos of the spread as I was already pai seh enough from the earlier photo taking lol

The seafood pasta which they cooked on the spot. So yum!

Fish was hard but the rest was okay.. Prawn's good.

Lamb slices, potato salad and pasta. Too cold and dry (take note I did not take the sauce) for my taste but still acceptable. Food was left outside so you will not get hot food unless you 'order' the seafood spaghetti, mutton or the grilled stuff.

Fried rice (?) was okay.. Vegetables a little too salty but the mussels were nice! If you don't like the 'seafood taste' of mussels though, you might wanna opt for the ones in the seafood spaghetti instead.

It's RM 49.90 per pax if I'm not mistaken.. We didn't pig out to the max, but boy.. Were we stuffed! Lol

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  1. wow,that's very thoughtful of you :)Thank you very much! and the seafood pasta melts me automatically. Looked yummy!


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