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Venus & Mars Glycerin and Oats Soap

Yay~ Thanks to Alice, I got to try another Venus & Mars soap. The previous Royal Pearl soap was quite nice so I was excited to try this. After all, I would say V&M is more luxurious compared to Cyleina, Spa Ingredients or B&B Organics.

The free sample is a quarter of the normal size (30 g). I love that it's translucent. So prettyy... I swear it looks better in real life =_= It's like a golden brown colour and you can see through it as though it's a topaz.

There's white chunks (white coconut) above and oats below. Small bits may come off but you can't actually feel them.

With ingredients like glycerin, emu oil, virgin coconut oil, olive oil and oats, this product sounds very moisturizing! It's even written that it's usable on your face. I know there's a rule for not using soaps on your face. First two tries, this was drying but I tried it again with more foam and it wasn't bad o_O It did feel a little too clean but my skin was so ridiculously smooth! I follow up with moisturizer and my face feels fine. It leaves a matte finish but my skin still glows.

From the moment I rubbed this on my hand, it felt so different from the other soaps from BubblezShoppe! This has a silky smooth feel to it. Felt expensive xD

For my body, this is not drying at all. There are not many bubbles but it still cleans well and without much effort ^_^ Gotta say that V&M soaps do have quality..

Product says :
Inspired by Indonesia's Facial Jamu ritual, Venus and Mars presents TWO NEW POWERFUL products that are gentle enough to be used on your beloved face.

With the perfect mix of glycerin, oatmeal, emu oil, VCO, olive oil and white coconut chunks, you'll definitely feel a cleansed, soothed and amazingly hydrated face in no time!
(Click HERE to read more)

Ingredients : Emu oil, virgin coconut oil, olive oil, real oatmeal, white coco emu chunks
Size : 120 g
Price : RM 40
Bought from : BubblezShoppe
Made in Philippines

Pros : Feels silky smooth, cleans well, leaves face feeling smooth
Cons : Pricey

My conclusion : Just like the Royal Pearl soap, I feel that this is an above average soap. Price wise, a little too pricey for a student like me but for a working adult, it's okay. It's always nice to have a nice relaxing bath after a long day =) Investing in good bath products is worth it, IMO.


  1. LOLOL. i was(is) using a soap from BubblezShoppe too! B&B, i think. i used it on my face cause it said whitening so i was like, "if i wash my body and it becomes white, then my face is still the same colour then wtf O.O" AHAHAHAH

  2. Maybe that;s why my face is darker than my body now hahaha!

  3. Venus and Mars are also ship their products internationally! I love this soap too. I'm in love with the smell! You've got to try their Lulur Soap too! :)


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