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Empro Opening @ Ikano Power Centre

Yay~ Empro is now nearer to PJ-rians. Do I hear a cheer? ^_^ Empro currently has 5 outlets in Malaysia. The Ikano branch is offering

50% off for all professional embroidery services 

so read on!

Thanks to Fiona from Empro Cosmetic for the invite.

 Look at the crowd that showed up!

The shop is so white, it has an Empro feel to it. So clean and professional looking.

Yes, I'm stupid for wearing shorts & slippers OMG.. Thought it was a super casual 'go touch the products' kinda thing. We all got to sign on the wall in pink!

The thing that really made me go 'oh shit.. should have worn something better' was the champagne cos champagne = formal *hides face under rock* Someone kill me please..

Food from Dome was dee-lish!

And then of course we camwhored.. Cos we're vain like that. My first time having champagne. I think I was the only one snapping self shots xD

A shot with The Man, Mr Coco Alex. I think he was staring at my unruly brows while asking us which newspaper we were from *hides face under even bigger rock* I sheepishly told him we were just bloggers =_="

He's got style man..

Interview session. And at far right is Pinky, who's in charge of marketing. She's a doll.. ^_^ Really friendly and explained things to us and didn't belittle us even though we were calefare there (other people were either from a magazine or a newspaper). I need a bigger rock to hide under..

Right.. On to the products.

These are the dyes used. I was kinda curious cos there was a bottle of green dye o_O Pinky explained that it's to cover super red lips (sometimes caused by old embroidery).

They actually have quite a good selection of falsies (I'm not sure if they're by Empro though). So many designs!

I took a pic of these I-dunno-whats cos they looked cool. Looks like something from a Chemistry lab lol It's written Eye silk protein collagen membrane.

This are the after & before photos for ero. To my understanding, there are 3 types of eyebrow embroidery available at Empro. I tell you.. They look so unbelievably real. Both Nicole & I thought she went to 'plant brow hair'.

Bonbrow : Base colour + tattooed lines that look like real brow hair
OP : RM 800, Discount price : RM 400

Ebrow : Base colour only
OP : RM 450, Discount price : RM 188

Ero : Tattooed lines only
OP : RM 680, Discount price : RM 340

They're supposed to last at least 1 and a half years.

Empro fact - It costs RM 4800 if you want the director (Alex) to do your brows

Then we proceeded to take advantage of the situation by asking them to do our brows. Mine were done by the lovely Alice, who is a skill trainer at Empro.

Alice trimmed, shaved and drew my brows. She used the Empro Slim Cut Brow Auto-Pencil which is so nice!! Now half regretting for not picking up one =_=

Goodie bag! xD I'll blog about them another time cos it's nearly 3 am here x_X Blogging about this now cos the people are nice & the offer ends on Sunday!

Gotta admit that the stuff at Empro are pretty tempting but they're gonna have to wait til I start working T_T~

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  1. aiyo, missed this offer. was thinkin of touchin up my eyebrow (did mine with blunnis aeons ago). too bad!


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