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This Week 090411

Hmm.. My weekly updates have become biweekly updates =_= Went to the sale in SS2 Mall where there were Loreal products, shoes, bags, hair accessories, clothes, chocolates and other stuff. I went absolutely crazy at the hair accessories stand =_= This lot cost me RM 38 so it's pretty much a steal!

By now, you might have realised that I like ribbons, furry stuff and colourful stuff =_=

Then I went home and told my sister about it and she went the next day so....

She also bought some small bags and other stuff but didn't take pics of those.

Bought this beautiful beautiful bag from Chic Pop 7 at Jaya One. Love the colour!! RM 45, which is quite worth it. The booth was by Soak Republic.

Mei Ping! All your fault. She found this seller on Ebay who sells really cheap nail art stuff and I'm hooked! I'm no nail art pro but I like the look of these xD

100pcs Nail Art Fimo Canes Rods Decoration + Blade

Sis collected my stuff from Hoyu Malaysia, which consisted of 2 hair dyes, a notebook, a bag and their Leave-On Treatment Gel.

So this week has been a week of getting new stuff xD I've also repurchased my favourite Maybelline Magnum mascara. It's my first time repurchasing a mascara so that has gotta say something about how much I like it =) I'm aso digging into all my samples & travel sized products.


  1. Eee all those bows! Love buying bows, I just can't stop ha...And those nail stamps look really cute :)



    heh, the one with the fake hair ribbon i also got! :D only mine is a clip in version instead of a hairband :P

    and, it wasnt my fault! *pretends innocent* >:D

    and, hohoh, i also got the HoYu things :P

  3. HAhaha.. Yes I saw the ribbon clip before but this is cheaper!


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