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Isit pathetic to have your own 'photoshoot'? Hahaha.. Excuse me while I indulge in a big chunk of Vanity.

What's better than having an elder brother is having an elder brother who has a DSLR + tripod + remote control lol Yes! Now I just need a ring light =_= As you can see.. Lighting was kinda bad (had to Photoshop) and quality not so good cos I was too lazy and used the Auto mode =/

I kinda like the makeup here (although I didn't have proper mascara on; had just removed my falsies). Been trying to draw my brows lately. Not bad for a newbie.. xD

Hairband from SS2 Mall sale and 'Sailormoon dress' from Sungei Wang.

Elephant from Guardian =_=

Love this dress from Sungei Wang. RM 25 only! Changed to redder lipstick here.

Boots also from SW =_= Not too comfy though.

My favourite photo! Cos it makes me look so slim xD Potong stim at the feet though =_= Should have worn heels!

Choking my huge doggy, Mocha.

Heimlich maneuver! Don't worry! I'll get that bone out soon.

Forever yours~ =)


  1. yeah u are sooo skinny! which is gr8! yeah i like to see pics of meself too!

    xoxo elle

  2. you look so nice,sweetie!
    love the 1st pic

    you look soooooooooo sweet & angelic!

  3. "What's better than having an elder brother is having an elder brother who has a DSLR + tripod + remote control."

    LOLX! Hahahaha... What's worse than having an elder brother is having an elder brother who spends all his savings in PS2, PS3, PSP, iphone, ipad and ipod?

    That's my life - my brother... aih... never a DSLR thought I do wanna get one! Hahaha.

    By the way, I love your black and pink dress! Looking sexay!

  4. You look lovely in all of these...and who wouldn't have a huge photo sesh when they have a good camera in their hands? Hehe..


  5. @ Angel
    LOL!! I-family, huh?

    DSLR is nice but so big! Too heavy to carry around =_=

    WAkakak.. Yes.. I love the dress ^^

    @ Chuui
    Thanks.. ^^ Hehehe..

  6. Bahhh-- you're not only a smart blogger, but you're pretty, too! You have such a nice figure~. ; 3;

    Haha- makes me want to work out and get back into shape, like when I used to play sports. :]

    P.S. I love the colour lipstick (or was it gloss?) you have for the red & black dress.

  7. Hehe thanks! ^_^

    I'm thin but I'm not fit =_=

    It's a NYX Tinted Lip Spa, actually =) Sake. I think I'm beginning to like redder shades but they look so intimidating in the mirror =(


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