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NYX Round Lip Gloss (Peach)

Right.. Need to get some old reviews done. Gosh.. It's still my 'old hair' here. Here's another one of my NYX Round Lip Glosses. Peach is a very pretty colour. It's not too strong and adds a healthy peachy pink colour to your lips.

This gloss is awesome cos it instantly masks lip lines, giving the illusion of soft, supple lips ^_^ There's a slight shimmer and it's glossy. It's not sticky so it doesn't last as long but your hair doesn't get stuck on your lips. (Lip swatch colour inaccurate)

Colour is more accurate in photo below. It's more peachy.

Darn.. Now I wish I didn't sell my other glosses =(

Size : 9.5 g
Price : RM 10
Bought from : Lowyat.NET
Made in China

Pros : Natural colour, not sticky, cheap
Cons : Doesn't last long

My conclusion : Compared to the one in Natural, this gives a more lively look and adds some colour to my face. For a quick dash of colour, this is not bad but it's not very long lasting. Wouldn't survive a meal.


  1. I don't know why but NYX Round Lipgloss doesn't seem to be suitable for me. I always ended up getting drier lips after using this product. I still have Whipped and Sorbet but rarely touch them due to the aftermath but I love it that they have so many colours to choose from!

    Megashine Lipgloss is great and loving them!

  2. I have this too and I really love it :) It looks more clear on my lips though! haha

  3. @ Angel
    Hey.. Now that you mention it.. When I wore this last time it's very drying and I would get that white residue on my lips. But I've changed my lip balm and it's much better now.

    @ Jen
    Well, I'll say the other shades are more pigmented. This just adds a sheer orange colour to my lifeless lips.


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