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This Week 230411

Since the past few months, I've been trying to take pictures when I can, sometimes of nothing in particular. One day, I was heating up some rice in the microwave and the plate broke (my bad... the plate wasn't microwavable). And you know what my dad asked me??

"Have you taken a photo of it?"

I was like "What for?! *confused face*"

Dad : You take photos of everything what..


If you're wondering... NO, I did not take a photo.

But it did cross my mind =x

Aaaaanyway.. Nicole & I went to shop at Mid Valley cos I needed clothes for my part time job. My first job ever! ^_^ Hope it goes well.. =x She was raving on and on about this Brotzeit place so we ate there for lunch.

Sorry to random dudes and aunties for posting your pics. Environment is quite nice for a day/night out with friends or colleagues.

Taken before her hubby arrived. Gosh.. I think the people there aren't used to people taking pictures cos they were staring =_=

We both ordered the lunch set cos everything there is so pricey O_O This was RM 12+. The fries are thin and crispy, salad's mixed with mayo, sauce on buns were sweet and sausages were average. Mayo & sweet sauce isn't really my taste. Guess I shouldn't go to Germany lol

Stage was still having their clearance sale so I picked up a lip liner in Nearly Naked for RM 8. My first lip liner!

Wonderlust Lipstick in 12 Julia for RM 12. I was going to grab another nudie then Nicole told me to get a brighter colour. This aint bad!

Yay~ Thanks Aisyah! I've received the lippies and immediately tried them on =_= This is actually my second attempt with Circe. It used to make me look dead but it seems better now. Margarita is a nice touch of colour too.

Review & swatches on products will be done soon. By soon, I mean probably few weeks later ~_~

Random end note : Urgh! Lemming for Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate atm.

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