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Ministry blacklists six cosmetics products

PETALING JAYA: The Health Ministry has warned the public against the use of six cosmetics products, including one from a French manufacturer, found to contain scheduled poisons.

The products BML HB Lotion, Krim Malam Shana and Natasya Gold Krim Herba are said to contain tretinoin and hydroquinone while Biotox Whitening Hydro Cream contained dexamethasone and Yoko Whitening Cream and Sue Beauty Night Treatment Cream contained tretinoin.

In a statement yesterday, the ministry's Pharmaceutical Services senior director Datuk Eisah A. Rahman said the use of tretinoin, hydroquinone and dexamethasone in cosmetics may cause various side effects and should only be used under medical supervision.

Tretinoin can cause redness to the skin, peeling, discomfort and sensitivity to sunlight while hydroquinone can cause redness to skin, discomfort, skin discolouration, hypersensitivity and a gradual blue-black darkening of the skin.

“It also inhibits the pigmentation process and this attenuates the ability of the skin to protect our body from harmful UV rays, which can lead to the risk of getting skin cancer,” she said.

Eisah said that dexamethasone, a steroid, when used topically, can cause skin irritation, dry skin, acne, thinning of the skin and increased risk of skin infections.

Prolonged use of topical steroids may result in systemic side effects such as suppression of the adrenal glands, metabolic disturbances and immune response impairment.

“Anyone who is in possession of the products is advised to immediately cease selling, distributing or using it,” she said.

My sis was reading this article yesterday and she was like 'aiyah.. you won't use the products wan lah..' so I was a bit relieved until... I saw YOKO WHITENING CREAM.

I have it!!! Bought some time ago and used it a few times too!

Dermatologically tested logo sumore. And why isit for export only?! Is it cos the manufacturer didn't want to harm fellow Thais?? =O

Dumped this in the dustbin already. Now I'm wondering if I should still use their underarm whitening cream + deodorant (should be the same ingredients right?) and their bath salts =_=


  1. Yeah you have be really careful of products with Hydroquinone in it. I've read in various magazines that it's like a poison they put in lotions and creams. They banned the sale of this ingredient in the US but I still see it sometimes in some things.

  2. Yeah read about that yesterday. Really shocking especially when I saw Natasya was also listed there. But luckly I didn't buy any of the stuff mentioned. I think you should not take the risk :)

  3. Yeah.. Problem is.. It's not listed in the ingredients list and you'll never know until someone exposes them =(

    Grr.. These evil companies..

  4. lol i also have a tendency to take pictures of everything new and almost new XD for blog purposes XD

  5. Hi there!

    Just wanted to let you know that I actually use 0.025% tretinoin on my face most nights. It works beautifully for me and most of the patients that visit my clinic as well. I work in a medical clinic/cosmetic surgery which produces their own skincare lines (including products that contain tretinoin and hydroquinone).

    These ingredients are safe to use only under medical supervision, so it's best not to use products that have not been recommended by a proper dermatologist/skin specialist. Moreover, you will be advised on how to use these products appropriately. Such products must only be used sparingly at night, and you MUST use sunblock (at least SPF 30+) during the day, even on overcast days.

    The products you've mention probably contain very small amounts of these potentially dangerous ingredients but due unregulated quality control in developing countries, it is really not worth the risk!! Always ask for professional advice!

  6. It's scary that they did not even list this in the ingredients list. And none of those precautions too. Thanks for the info =)


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