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NOTD : Purple Randoms

I'm liking this shade of purple ^_^ Application wasn't the best though.. But I can't expect much since it's from the night market =/

Thumb : Supposed to be a present but doesn't look like it lol The ribbon is a fimo clay from Nell Stash.
Index : Dots using the new dotting tool. This was the biggest size.
Middle : Glued on some square clear rhinestones. My fav finger! ^_^ They keep coming off though. Grr..
Ring : Lines done with lining nail polish, bought from the night market as well. They have all sorts of colours.
Pinky : Got lazy so just stuck on a flower rhinestone xD

Personally, I would prefer not to have any 3D/pop up nail art as they come off when I shower or change or pat my dog. I look at my nails at least 10 times a day to check if the rhinestones are still there =_=


  1. That's very beautiful!!! Great job there~ =)

  2. love this look and love what you did with the thumb nail, super cute :D

  3. love this look and i love wat u did to the thumb nail, super cute <3

  4. Thanks ^_^ The rhinestones and ribbons have fallen out though. Bleh~

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment! Your nails are so cute- i love how each nail is different!

  6. Oh wow! You are so talented, I wish I could create such cute designs on my own nails :D

  7. Archana Shrestha08 March, 2012 09:02

    nice design!


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