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Rimmel Vinyl Lip Gloss (Pin Up)

"Voluptuously Shiny Lipgloss"

Lip lines begone! Love how it makes my lips look so smooth even though they're really dry.


40 % curvier pout, visibly sculpts and shapes up lips. 80 % shinier lips with Aloe Vera & vanilla fragrance It's comfortable, even, Absolutely Non-sticky! Indulge in Fabulously Full and Voluptuously Flattering Shine!

Better Shine - This gloss is very glossy (no pun intended) ^_^

Better Pack - A bit bulky but it's okay.. It does look better than the old packaging so I guess it's still better.

Better Shade Range - There's 8 shades shown here but I guess it's sufficient. There's neutrals, nudes, pinks, orange, purple and reds. At the looooow price, I wouldn't mind picking up another shade! Or two. Or three.

Vanilla Fragrance - This smells just like the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick which I thought smelt like Cherry flavoured candy canes. Guess I was wrong.. >_< But it's a nice smell =)

Even - I don't think this applies as evenly compared to my other lip glosses. When I applied a thicker layer, there were dark patches and some parts were too sheer. It could be my fault too but I don't think a gloss which takes too much effort to apply is a good gloss. Example shown below.

Absolutely Non-sticky! - Kinda odd that they wrote this cos I do feel that it's sticky but I can still accept it.. At least this means it'll last longer.

Fabulously Full and Voluptuously Flattering Shine - Gotta agree with this ^_^ Something in this lip gloss makes my lips look so full and pouty!

Look at that shine!!! *goes weak at the knees*

Overall, claims are about 79% true. Good enough for me..

The pigmentation is good.. It's like a liquid lipstick with super gloss & shine. It looks quite jelly-like, which I really adore. I don't like the fact that it's heavy though. I can feel it on my lips =/ The good thing is, I don't find this gloss drying. I also like the doe foot applicator (my fav type).

Dam.. This gloss is stylish xP

Those aren't my shades btw.. I'm wearing them cos my eyes look like shit.

I'm not kidding.


Don't believe me?
See for yourself.

Hope I didn't gross you out xD Shades are good for days when I'm lazy to put on my contact lenses and apply makeup =x

Price : RM 12.90 (whhhaatt?! Are you kidding me? I expected this to be 20+) Edit : There appears to be a typo. Price is RM 21.90 =_=
Made in England

Pros : Hides lip lines, glossy, different shades available, smells nice, makes lips look full, pigmented, cheap, not drying
Cons : Can be uneven, a lil sticky, slightly bulky

My conclusion : A lip gloss that makes your lips look good without killing your wallet? We have a winner! I'm so tempted to get the other shades cos of the super cheap price. This makes my lips look good even on dry days. However, the other shades don't really appeal to me (after seeing them in real life).

** Product was provided by Yuberactive for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. WOOOWW!! That is pretty darn cheap!and that shade is seriously flattering on you Isabel ^^

  2. I know!! xD But still must control.. =x

  3. My favorite gloss ever! :D


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