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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (Pronto Purple)

You have a hot date tonight.

Scene 1 : Your nail polish is chipped and fading. Your date notices your untidy nails and is turned off by them. The night ends early and he never calls you again.

Scene 2 : You remove your horrible-looking nail polish and swipe on some Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish in Pronto Purple to match your new sexy purple dress. You're done in 2 minutes and reach the restaurant early, impressing your date. You flirt with him by stroking his cheek with your new purple nails and everything goes well.

One item is capable of changing your life from 1 to 2. Still don't believe the magical powers of this little purple bottle? Read on and be convinced.

I like nail polish, purple and shimmery stuff. And this nail polish is all three!

Product says : One Stroke. One Coat. Done. Dries in 60 seconds! Nail color covers in just one coat, brilliantly. The Perfectionist Brush™ contours to any nail, so color always glides on precisely, quickly, flawlessly. And, the exclusive Flexiglass Complex combines beautiful, brilliant shine and super strong wear.

So simple, so Sally. Available in 16 irresistible shades!

Now lets test their claims..

One Stroke - Gosh.. This polish is so smooth and easy to apply, one stroke is really all you need. You don't even have to go over it to even it out.

One Coat - It's so thick and opaque too! 1 coat is definitely enough for me.

Dries in 60 seconds - In approximately 1 minute, I wouldn't say it's completely dry until I have the confidence to wash my hair or change but it's pretty dry (if  you press on it, you won't get a fingerprint mark). I'll give it 3 minutes max to be Isabel-proof. Kinda cool considering the fact that it's a thick layer.

Perfectionist Brush - This is the first time I've seen a brush like this. It's flat and fat, with a rounded (maybe slightly pointy) tip. It's so easy to coat my nails with and I didn't get much colour on my flesh. Gosh.. I wish all nail polishes have this brush o_O It's so soft and not scratchy too~

Flexiglass Complex - My nails look pretty shiny but I would still prefer a top coat over it.

Super Strong Wear - As you can see, my nails are significantly less shiny and you can see the tips of my nails. Ignore the middle finger as the nail is thinner (it's where I broke my nail) and weaker, hence more susceptible to chipping off. I guess this is not bad considering the fact that I did not apply top coat.

So I guess it's about 92% true.. I'm just loving the fact that it dries so superbly fast! The thing I hate most about using nail polishes is waiting for them to dry cos I have a tendency to ruin them =_=

The shade I have here is the lovely 360 Pronto Purple. It has fine shimmers inside which look like a mixture of orange and indigo. Yum..

Now, when I have a dark colour like this that is so thick and pigmented, I'm concerned about one thing. Is it hard to remove? Will it stain my skin and nails? Will the shimmer be stubborn? Hm okay that's more than one thing but let me assure you that this is as easy to remove as it was to apply it =)

Size : 0.31 fl oz / 9.17 ml
Price : RM 27.90
Made in USA

Pros : One stroke, one coat, fast drying, super awesome brush, shimmery, nice colour
Cons : Pricey

My conclusion : This has immediately become one of my favourite nail polishes o_O It's so good for when you're rushing. The price kinda intimidates me though x_X Guess I'm too used to 3 for RM 10 nail polishes =x

** Product was provided by Yuberactive for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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  1. Sweet: I very well might try some colours from this series. I loovvee quick-drying nail polishes.


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