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My Beauty Diary Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask

2nd piece from the set! Sorry the pics for these masks look kinda odd. I scanned them into the computer. Thought they would be clearer but clearly, I'm wrong =_=

Look at this! The flowers are so pretty and there are even petals falling down! And its pink too x_X Gosh.. Makes me feel bad about tearing it and throwing it away.

Fit was perfect. Love love love the new thin sheet.

I'm not too sure what fragrance is involved but it's floral, nothing too sickening. Kinda relaxing, actually. Perhaps it's kinda like aromatherapy ^_^ Just like the previous Strawberry Yogurt mask, the sheet was soaked yet didn't drip. Even after 30 minutes, the mask was still very moist!

The Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask is for 'refreshing and whitening'.  I left this on for half an hour while watching You Again (good show, btw.. I cried =_=) and when I took it off, I noticed my face was significantly brightened. Didn't last long though but temporary is better than nothing, right? xD Other than that, my face was smooth, firm and so very moisturized.

Ingredients :

Size : 30 g / 23 ml
Price : RM 63.88 for a box of 17
Bought from : Guardian

Pros : Moisturizing, brightening, leaves face smooth & firm, smells good, pretty packaging, mask sheet was very soaked in essence, doesn't drip
Cons : -

My conclusion : Compared to the Chocolate & Strawberry Yogurt mask, this is very very good! I definitely want to repurchase this ^_^


  1. I would probably stick the mask wrapper on my wall..along with other beauty products cute packaging..ekeke..

  2. LOLLLLLLLLL!! Do you really do that? xD

  3. i saw guardian sale in summit rmm28/10pc mnfg 2009 exp 2012 ok boh? ^^

    xoxo elle

  4. Wow that's cheap for Guardian O_O But isit the upgraded version (thin sheet)? I didn't quite like the old one.. I felt that it wasn't moisturizing enough.


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