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UTI : Urinary Tract Infection

Today, I felt like blogging about something that's related to females. Well, guys can get UTI too but it's more common among females. Why? I'll explain later. I'll just summarize everything as we're not in med school. Information compiled from the internet.

First, what is UTI?
UTI is basically a bacterial infection of the urinary tract, usually caused by the bacteria E. coli.

How do you know if you have UTI?
Symptoms which I have personally experienced are :
  • Abdominal pain & burning during urination
  • Frequent need to urinate yet nothing comes out
  • Poor bladder control
  • Blood in urine
Other symptoms include :
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Cloudy urine

Poor personal hygiene can cause UTI. It has also been connected with the frequency of sex. Spermicide too increases the risk of contracting it. Unfortunately, UTI can also be in your genes.

Why is UTI more common in females?
Our urethra is closer to the anus compared to guys and also our urethra is shorter so it's easier for the bacteria to migrate & travel to the bladder. Yeah, I know. Not fair! But that's just how we were made.

If you have UTI, you can just go to the doctor for some antibiotics. I've never been to a doctor for UTI before though. I just drink lotsa water and I mean A LOT. The idea is to flush the bacteria out of your urinary tract. I would go to the bathroom like 4 times per hour lol It usually goes away in less than a week for me. The fastest was 3 days. I've discovered that drinking lots of water in the earlier stages of infection is more effective and it will go away faster.

To prevent UTI / lessen the chances of it occuring, maintain personal hygiene by washing up and use a feminine wash. It would also be good to wash after every bathroom visit but I know that's not possible for everyone, especially if you're working outside.

Peeing after intercourse can also reduce the chance of getting UTI. If you're prone to getting UTI, it is advisable to drink cranberry juice / take cranberry supplements daily.

Read if you're above 18.
Anything that has been placed in your rectum shouldn't be placed anywhere near your vagina/ureter, which is common sense. You're just helping to spread the bacteria.

It's advisable to wear a panty liner / pad if you're not very near a bathroom as having UTI gives you poor bladder control and there may be blood as well. Seek treatment asap once you feel the symptoms as you don't want the bacteria to spread elsewhere.

UTI is quite common for females so you need not panic or be embarrased about it. Don't be afraid to ask a friend/sister/mom/doctor if you feel that you may have it. It's not an STD so no one is going to look down on you just because of it.


  1. this is a great post! you're lucky that drinking water works for you! i've experienced it more than once and honestly, its not something to be taken lightly of... your post now inspired me to share my experience! wanted to share it here but realised its too long to type haha

  2. MM-- I've never had one before myself, but my best friend has. And with the amount of detail I heard from her, I feel like I've lived through on myself. xDD

    I remember she took these cranberry supplements the whole time. Still, I'm bound to get one sometime in my life, so thanks for this post. <3

    Oh! And my brother's girlfriend was reading an article in a magazine that said that women can reduce their chances of contracting a UTI by 80% by simply going to the bathroom (peeing) RIGHT after they have - eh ehm- intercourse.

  3. Yes! Thanks for reminding me. I'll add that to the post. My sis drinks cranberry juice everyday. But I personally hate the taste =/

    And that part about peeing is true too xD

  4. UTI more common in females? YES... I agree..
    Bladder infection and UTI's in general are less common in men but are potentially more serious. This is because the underlying cause may be a prostate infection, enlarged prostate or indeed a tumour. Also homosexual males are more prone to bladder infections and cystitis.

    There are several types of tea which are highly efficient for preventing urinary tract infection attacks and for treating the symptoms of UTI's when they start to occur. Teas are particularly good for urinary tract infection home remedy because they contain no sugar and have natural diuretic and antiseptic properties.


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