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Products Finished In March

1. Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment
Love this! It's really good for my undereyes. No, it doesn't erase the fine lines but it hydrates well so skin is plump and fine lines are less visible. Also makes concealer go on smoother. I can see the difference when I DON'T use this so I can say it's good xD It's not too heavy until I get milia seeds too. Just perfect.. ^_^

I didn't like this as a face moisturizer so ended up using it as hand cream =/

I'm quite certain this is the facial wash behind my much clearer complexion. I'm using it less now as it's a little drying but it does wonders!

4. Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Facial Wash
This is a good facial wash if you have dry skin. Love it. Am going to try the whitening one next. Review coming in a few days.

5. Cyleina Kojic Acid Soap
Review in link.

6. Dove Damage Therapy shampoo & conditioner samples
Got these in Cleo & female mags. Gosh.. They smell exactly like the Dove body wash and I love the smell! x_X The shampoo is shimmery too! The shampoo's not bad but I can't really say since I've only used these a few times. I would prefer it to lather a bit more and for the conditioner to be heavier. I don't get that 'hair feels so soft and smooth' feel if I don't use my Loreal hair mask after it. However, it has intrigued my interest enough to make me wanna buy it ^_^


  1. Thanks for the great post! The Dior eye cream sounds really good. I've tried both the Hada Labo face washes and really love them!

  2. thanks for your post, i'm interested in trying hada labo cleansers xoxo!


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