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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion

I first got to know Palmers when I bought their olive oil body lotion. That wasn't so good though. Then I found this hidden in my cupboard (my room tends to have a lot of hidden treasure). It has become my favourite ever since! ^_^ This is the fragrance free version, which I'm unable to find anymore =( The new one has a heavier smell but it's okay..

It's a thick yellow cream and applies slightly sticky so I only use this at night. By morning, the stickiness will be gone.

This body lotion is very moisturizing! I noticed difference within days. Now if only I could just be a tad bit more hardworking with application.. =_= It says that the cocoa butter one is the strongest among the 3 types. It's also meant for stretch marks but I can't comment on that. Wasn't observing my stretch marks >_<

Size : 250 ml
Bought from : Pharmacies
Made in USA

Pros : Moisturizing, fragrance free
Cons : Slightly sticky

My conclusion : Worth repurchasing if you have horrid dry skin like me. I believe that with constant usage, my skin would benefit greatly from it. Unfortunately.. I'm too lazy for that =_=

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