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Do Warehouse Sales Bring More Bad Than Good?

There was a Loreal Luxury Warehouse Sale a while back and I was so ready to go. It was near, on a weekday (less crowded) and I've heard so many wonderful stories from other people about the kind of deals they got. I wanted to stock up on some things but a little chat with my friend about it made me change my mind.

You see, one of the things I wanted to stock up on was my beloved YSL Matt Touch Primer. I like it very much and can only afford to buy it during sales like these. However, the amount in the tube has barely moved since I got it. In fact, I think at least 5 more warehouse sales would go by and I still wouldn't be done with it. So why do I need another one? I had to admit to myself : I don't know the answer to that. Truth be told, I probably don't NEED any more makeup. I don't work so I don't have to wear makeup everyday to work. So it just sits in my room most of the time.

There are a few types of people who go to these warehouse sales.
1. The resellers
They buy things cheap and sell them at a higher price (lower than retail tough). They usually wait around for the prices to drop and only get things they think will sell well. For them, I guess warehouse sales are good.

Remember that aunty at the Clinelle sale grabbing all the SnoWhite masks? I think she's under number 1. Or she operates a spa & uses expired products on people!

2. The hoarders
Grab everything you see, go to a corner and slowly pick out the ones you really want. No offense but this is rather selfish. There could have been another person who wanted to buy something but you took it first then decided not to buy it. In the end the other girl wouldn't have gotten her item.

3. The collectors
These people love collecting items from their favourite brand but cannot afford everything so they wait for a warehouse sale. The things are left unused and they look at it everyday to admire their treasure.

Now the next one is the one I really wanted to talk about.

4. The impulsive shoppers
What better reason could there be to shop other than a SALE?! Everything's cheaper than usual and you'll be saving so much! Really? Considering the fact that you wouldn't have bought these things in the first place, you've actually spent more. It's okay if you've run out of your old foundation and need a new one but most of the time you end up purchasing things you don't need but feel that it's very worth it for the price so you should get it.

Like OMG! 10 lipsticks for the price of 5! And 4 bottles of toners cos they were so darn cheap! Well, are you going to use and finish all 10 lipsticks? It takes a really long time to finish one bottle of toner and now you have to finish 4 before they expire?! Sometimes they'll just spoil and you would have wasted your money. "But it was cheap anyway.." Well, money is still money. Could have bought that handbag you wanted or that stunning dress. After all, those don't have an expiry date.

In my opinion, categories 1 & 3 will benefit from a warehouse sale, category 4 will overspend and category 2 should just stay away from sales. And that aunty better not be using expired stuff on her customers.


  1. haha..well said.. XD
    I've never been to a warehouse sale before.. It's too much pain in the ass..>__< And I knew I would be like shopper 4 so I basically just stay away..! ahaha..

  2. hahah, i'm most probably the fourth kind :P Impulsive shoppers 8D or i'm just there to get something which i've been dying to try out but not willing to fork out a certain amount of cash unless it's under a sale :P


    hahah, the ones that are pictures were like, Rm3 for one cane? argh, rip off ):

    hahah, IKR? :DDD getting mine over from eBay. the seller's located at Hong Kong but gives free postage. :D

    hohoh, since i've ordered one for myself, i'll share ;P

    :D you can get some other nail supplies there too! <3

  3. Reply: hahah, i think the link that i send you got cause i saw the picture got nemo and the birds O:

    btw, not sure how you get 2000 pieces O.o cause it's only 100 pieces :D hmm, i dont think will get tax cause actually they are quite small O:

    and, ahah, they're for my nails. sometimes i get too tired then i accidentally cut too big T____T but you could always file them thinner :D

    and there was this super thin bird that i just stuck on but it still jutted out so I topped it off with 2 layers of clear polish/top coat(the normal one that takes forver to dry) then use a fast drying one :P


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