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Restoran New Paris @ SS2

Just done with dinner at New Paris Restaurant in SS2, opposite Mungo Jerry. Didn't manage to take too many pics cos my family dived into the dishes =_=

Champagne chicken. Really yummy!

I like the watermelon balls as well ^_^

Sambal fish, I think? So far, we've had 2 fishes here and both were fresh. This wasn't too spicy.

Soft shell crab. Wasn't too good. The one at Umai-ya tasted better.

This is special cos there's cheese in it! xD Yum.. There's also abalone inside.

We also had other stuff like pig leg (ewww..), yam basket thingy (order this! It's good), vege, omelette and some others I can't remember. I would recommend the yam basket & champagne chicken ^_^

There's currently three floors and they're usually all filled. The place is air conditioned so no worries. Food is served amazingly fast despite the number of people ordering. Service is good and it's clean. Parking can be a problem though but they've 'reserved' some spots for customers using plastic chairs. Dishes come in 3 sizes, which is awesome so you can choose to have more of your favourite dishes and less of your not-so-favourite ones. Also good if you are a small group but want to try a lot of things.

Address : 62,64,66 Jalan SS2/72, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Phone number 03-7955 9180


  1. lolx... i've been there twice and yeah, loving the watermelon balls dish. hahaha. sounds so wrong pula. it is a great place to go to if u're going there in a group. greater for families!

  2. LOL Yes.. It does sound kinda wrong xD Yup, I went twice with my family. Kinda like dinner at home. but outside


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