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I used to hate felt tip liners but I'm beginning to like them now. Especially when I'm wearing falsies!

This is my first felt tip liner so I can't compare it to others. The packaging is simple with cute silver designs. Cap closes with a click so I need not worry about it 'drawing' on my stuff.

The thing I like about felt tips is the tip. This eyeliner is fat and thins towards the tip. It didn't become 'blunt' or furry after using a few months.

As you can see, application is a breeze. I can draw a straight line, curve it, thin or thick. I do realize that when I press it, it has a tendency to seep into the lines though. Perhaps pressing it releases too much?

The shade is in Midnight Black and it's really black! I've tried the Cyber Colours liner and it's not anywhere as pigmented as this. Unlike CC, going over the line doesn't make it run all over the place (it's like running a wet paint brush over your canvas).

I'm liking the effect ^_^ It's precise and clean. Easy to draw a wing too.

Waterproof - Nope.. Don't understand why do they even claim it's waterproof. Just a tiny bit of water makes it smear. I was lying down and my dry eyes teared a little. When I got up, the whole wing had smeared downwards.

Super-Staying Power - If you stay dry, I guess it's long lasting. In fact, the staying power is so great that I have difficulty removing it. It stains my skin and if I use my Biore Cleansing Oil, it leaves a green mark!! =_= Not good if you make a mistake or decide to do an elaborate eyeliner. You'll be stuck with a dark gray mark for a few hours.

Made in Korea

Pros : Good tip, easy to draw, pigmented, real black
Cons : Smears badly with water, stains skin, seeps into lines

My conclusion : I'm not loving this cos it smears and stains my skin. Any other brands to recommend? =(


  1. I heard the L'oreal or Revlon one are good..but I haven't tried those too..

  2. Kate Liquid Liner works great. It's not crazily pigmented and it's not lousily unpigmented. It's great and I've been using it since 3 or 4 years back and stuck with this brand of liquid liner. Well, not felt tip of course, it's brush tip. In fact, I don't really fancy felt tip, I don't know why. You might wanna try out.

  3. Oh la la: I love me some highly-pigmented eye liner. <333 And wooww-- your hair's gorgeous in that pic. :]

  4. awww.. you look cute in your pic!Im loving the bow hair! Im using the L'oreal one at the moment and i think its ok. It smudges tho if u rubbed it, but if untouched, surprisingly it can last up to 8 hrs. Great review!

  5. ^_^ youre really pretty. I recommend the stila stay all day liquid liner. It comes off pretty easy and the tip is very precise. the only thing is that its like $22. But it lasts a long time! i still have mine from November and its still going :DD


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