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Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

Bzzzz..... Bzzz.... Zzzzzz~~~~

It's a bee.. It's a vibrator grass cutter..! No wait.. It's Maybelline's new Pulse Perfection Mascara!

Went for my part time job training this morn. Since they provided us with a tester mascara to try out (how to sell if you have never used it before?), thought I'll blog about it. 

My 'work makeup' : ColorVUE lenses (comfort for long hours & natural colour), Biore sunblock as oil controlling base, Physician's Formula concealer, Empro brows (neat and more defined), liquid eyeliner (quick and easy), WnW blusher (Mellow Wine is actually a very nice glow), Stage lipstick (darker colour lasts longer) & Elf HD Powder to set everything (so I don't have to touch up that often).

I like the black and gold colours ^_^ It's professional and sleek. Despite having a mini motor + battery, it's not too bulky.

Before using, please remember to remove the gold tape or else the wand won't vibrate.

 Wand! Y U NO vibrate?!

It's a rubbery wand that's flexible and doesn't collect too much mascara between the bristles.

When the button is pressed, the wand vibrates 100 times per second. It may tickle a little at first but you'll get used to it =) With this vibration, you don't even need to do the normal zig zag motion. You must be thinking, why pay more for a vibrating mascara when you can vibrate it yourself?

Answer : 


So as you can see.. This mascara does what no human hand can do. After all, it's a mechanical device and it's vibrations are more consistent, resulting in evenly coated, long but not clumpy and separated lashes. The result is long, luscious and voluminous lashes that are still soft to touch. It's easy and fast to use. Imagine how long it would take to manually vibrate your wand or face.

Can you guess which side is the mascara & which is the falsie?

* is the mascara. Quite obvious cos my real lashes are visible at + side =_="

Lookie here! I dare say the mascara can be an alternative for this falsies if you prefer mascaras. My falsies are quite natural though. Ignore the weird looking angle on my real lashes as they were bent from the curler and glue.

This is the mascara applied on both sides, including a little on the lower lashes.

Love the effect! Even my mum asked if I was wearing falsies. Think I'll be getting one myself since it's limited edition (oh no~~).

The formula is not heavy at all and it held the curl for hours. After one coat, it's obviously lengthened and there's some extra volume.

Just like it claimed, lashes are separated and clump-free. Each lash was coated instead of coating a few lashes together so there's more volume.

Selca pics cos I have awesome real lashes xP

The battery lasts for 3 months with regular usage. For hygienic purposes, you should dump your mascara about 3 months after opening anyway. 

Mascara is smudge proof (or it's so slight that I didn't notice it) if you stay indoors. Wore it today on a hot day + I was under the sun a bit and it did smudge slightly. I've read some reviews saying that this smudged badly with water. I splashed my face with water and only my eyeliner smudged. Hence, I conclude it's waterproof. Removal was quite easy with my Maybelline eye makeup remover.

Ingredients :

Size : 6.5 ml
Price : RM 59.90
Bought from : Pharmacies
Made in China

Pros : Coats each lash evenly, lengthens, clump-free, separates lashes, adds volume, lashes are soft, fast & easy to use, holds curl, smudge proof, waterproof
Cons : Pricier than normal Maybelline mascaras (those don't vibrate though), limited edition

My conclusion : Love it. Want it. If you want to try this mascara, come find me at Guardian 1 Utama on Fri-Sun, 12-8pm. I'll be there for 2 weekends starting this weekend. =)

** Product was provided by the company for promoting purposes (I'm working part time). However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way. Before anyone accuses me of praising this mascara just because I'm promoting it, just know that I'm not paid to blog about it. And the commission is not a lot either so why risk it?


  1. 2 weeks?? ngeh3x..if I'll go there within these two weeks, I might be able to come and bother you XD

  2. Great review, I love this mascara :) Wow I wouldn't have guessed that your birthday was so close to mine! That's awesome, I'll definitely be able to remember yours hehe

  3. Thanks ^^

    Yes Aisyah.. 2 weeks.. Come visit me! I'm gonna be bored out of my mind..

    Me too Jen! One bad thing about my date is that I can be either a Gemini or Taurus since it's at the border =_=

  4. lol i have heard my frd raving about it but haven't tried XD got 10+ new mascaras in my drawer waiting XD

  5. wow! I can't tell the difference between the two at first, thats really amazing! LOL @ the video!!! That would give me rather a headache and quite possibly poke my eye out, yikers! xoxo

  6. thanks for the comment ^___^

    & wow the wand vibratesss??!! :O:O ! i have to check it out ! great review btw :)) ~

  7. It looks very natural on you, it's cool that you got to test it for free as it's so pricey for a drugstore mascara in my opinion !

  8. I saw your profile picture from a comment you left on another blogger. I came to your blog because you reminded me of someone. I just couldn't pin point who until now... hehe~ You remind me of an Asian version of Dakota Fanning. :)

  9. @ Jen LOL I have some open but unused mascaras as well =_=

    @ Jbreezy That video cracks me up every time =D

    @ sandy So far, I only know 3 brands with a mascara like this ^_^

    @ Gaby Yup! It's almost twice the price of their regular mascaras. I think it's quite worth it though lol

    @ Ahleesa LOL I don't see how I'm an Asian version of her. She has so much talent since she was young..

  10. YES~~. A review for this product. <333 ILU.

    And holy crud: that's an amazing lengthening effect. o.o I think I want it too. Haha. Oh, and again- your hair looks fantastic~

  11. Nice review~~
    I'm gonna buy it ^^

  12. xD I'm still laughing at you shaking your head that way! It was hilarious!

    Thanks for this post, though. I'll be referring one of my readers to it because they wanted to know about Vibrating mascaras.

  13. @ Noxin
    ^_^ I've gotten numerous compliments on my eyes wheee~~ Some say it looks like I'm wearing falsies lol!

    @ Ayu

    @ Eden
    That's actually NOT ME lol!! I don't have the guts to do a video like that xD

  14. Bought it today~~ Can't wait to try.. Yeah~


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