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Tag! You're It

So I was tagged by Jen of Rainy Days and Lattes. I remember, the first thing I noticed about her was her hair! I wish I had that much volume in my hair.. xD So yeah.. Here's the questions lol

1. Why did you create this blog?
I discovered that I liked talking about beauty products and I always had something to say about them. I guess I'm a natural critic =/ Unfortunately, sweet praises are not the only things that come out of my mouth (or fingers, in this case). My blog allows me to express myself and record my opinions. Through it, I have also met many other wonderful bloggers with similar interests. Writing in my blog is like talking to someone who is always ready to listen and doesn't gets bored of my never ending crap. If real people are reading, well that's a bonus =)

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Mostly beauty blogs. I like blogs with lotsa pictures, pretty girls xD and blogs with a personal touch. I get to see a glimpse of another person's life and see how different it is from mine. I also follow some of my friends' blogs and some random ones that make me smile.

3. Favorite makeup brand?
Elf! Just cos it's cheap xD And NYX too..

4. Favorite clothing brand?
I don't buy expensive 'branded' clothes so can I skip this? Lol My favourite 'brand' would be anything that looks good on me and is cheap =)

5. Your indispensable makeup product?
Lip balm! I always have one in my bag and I get a little annoyed when I forget to bring it out.

6. Your favorite color?
Hmm.. Probably pink lol What is it with girls and pink? Apart from pink, I also have a liking for purples, and this shade of blue.

7. Your perfume?
I don't wear perfume. My nose is sensitive towards scents and entering The Body Shop or Lovely Lace makes me sneeze non stop. One of the rare ones I can tolerate and have actually used is YSL Babydoll.

8. Your favorite film?
Eh.. Can't think of a specific one at the moment but I'm the kind who will watch the same movie over and over again on Astro lol Some of the ones I really like are Avatar, Up, Hachiko and Wall E. In fact, I cried while watching Up and was wailing during Hachiko. Twice.

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Erm.. Greece? (I admit this is partially because I just watched My Life In Ruins) Lol I like knowing about Greek myths and how the people back then built all those majestic buildings just amazes me. *goes back to Question 8* Which is also why I like watching 'old' movies like Troy, Alexander, 300 etc

10. Make up the last question and answer. Okay, my question is what is your favourite outfit?
Definitely shorts, a light sleeveless top and comfy sandals. Kinda sounds like beach wear lol Except I wear this everywhere.

4. Chaigyaru -

I'm tagging these people because I would like to know their answers =) Don't know if they will respond but no harm trying~ But of course.. Anyone else is more than welcome to do this tag


  1. Thanks for the taggg ! I shall do this soon! :D LOTS OF PICS BLOGS are awesomee aren't they xD hahaha

  2. YUP! ^_^ I would insert more pics but there's nothing interesting about my life haha

  3. "I discovered that I liked talking about beauty products and I always had something to say about them. I guess I'm a natural critic"

    I feel the same way. I love earrings and earring holder that's why I made my blog :)

  4. Aw thanks for tagging me Isabel :) I've answered these questions before here: and my answer for number 4 was the same as yours, I don't buy brand clothes either lol!

  5. @ Earring Holder
    Aww I don't share your love for earrings. They make my ears itch lol Guess I have sensitive ears? It's a waste.. Sometimes I find real pretty earrings but I know I can't wear them =(

    @ Jen
    Oops! Didn't realise it was the same one hahaha.. Yay! I don't see the point in spending so much for something that may not be worth it =( I think gadgets and jeans are worth splurging on though lol Except I don't wear jeans but that's just IF I do xD

  6. LOL. I wailed too when I watch Hachiko, luckily I watched it alone in my room, my towel literally drenched with tears.

  7. HAHAHA! I cry until teresak esak leh.. You know the kind where your throat feels sore and you sound like you're speaking through your nose? xD

  8. Thanks for the tag Isabel! I don't buy brand clothes either! I generally shop at Marshalls/TJ Maxx. I save on clothes so I can have money for makeup, LOL!

  9. Yay :) I'm glad you answered my tag :) It's good to know more abt you. I am just like you with branded clothing.. as long as it looks good and is cheap :)

  10. Thanks for tag dear!! Let me find time to do this taggie~~ :DD


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