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Gyaru Makeup Attempt

Okay, first of all, I would like to clarify that I am NOT a gyaru in any way lol Just interested in their makeup after seeing Ringo's blog. Not that I have anything against them.. I'm just not one. Being a gyaru isn't just about putting on makeup to look at them. It includes clothes, hair, personality and your passion for it. Well actually I'm not sure what the real meaning is but that's my best guess lol

This is my feeble attempt without proper 'tools' like bottom lashes and double eyelids.

Behold.. The before picture. I'm wearing coloured lenses here but that's all.

I'm going to make this a step by step transformation. Skip ahead if you don't want to see all this.

Here I have a shimmery eyeshadow base and undereye concealer on.

Applied orangey eyeshadow on lid. It appears greenish-yellow in my pictures though. Not really needed but it makes it easier for me to blend since I'm such a noob.

Using my Elf Blending Brush, applied medium brown in my crease, which I don't really have. This is supposed to make it look deeper so I can have more 3D eyes.

White to highlight browbone and in the middle of the lid, also to help with the 3D effect. Actually, I discovered after putting on the falsies that all this is not really needed since the falsies are blocking it =_=

Filled brows with brown eyeshadow. I so need to do something with them. It's getting so thick. Urgh..

Lined eyes with pencil eyeliner. I'm using pencil because I'm going to smudge it. I don't think it's dark enough though. If I'm not mistaken, usually they just do a wing that blends in with the falsies. I'm not good at this though.. So skipped it =_=

Smudge smudge smudge.. You can just use dark eyeshadow instead of eyeliner actually. Will try eyeshadow next time.

Top lashes! I forgot to curl my lashes first zzz.. I like these. They're not too fake yet enough to open my eyes. The band is kinda thick and fake though.

I like this pic! xD So it's bigger than the rest wahahhaa.. I don't have lower falsies so mascara will have to do.. I just realized that I have decent lower lashes for an Asian! xD I'm using Super Film cos it's smudge proof. Can you see the falsies band here? Pfft.. It's kinda white and gray in some areas.

If you're using false lower lashes, stick to your natural lash line from inner corner to middle then from middle to outer corner, stick it a little lower and join to upper falsies. White is the original lash line, red is the falsies lol If you want, you can also line your waterline with white eyeliner pencil as well as the area between your lower lash line and lower falsies.

Products used
Physician's Formula Concealer, Daiso Eyeshadow Palette, Multi Cheek Blusher (Beige), Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder (Luminance), Revlon Colourburst Lipstick (Soft Nude), Magnum Super Film mascara, L.A. Colors Auto Eyeliner (Brown) & Elf Plumping Lip Glaze (Baby Doll).

The Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder was used to contour the sides of my nose to make it appear smaller. It will never make my humongous nose become smaller though =(

Now.. *Ahem* Camwhore pics!! xD I'm so in love with myself, I should have just spent Valentines with myself and a mirror =x

My fav pic.. Cos I think I look hot here LOL tak tau malu

Tried Lie's pose. If you don't know who's that, you need to start reading Ringo's blog now! I ended up looking silly though LOL

If you poke your cheek long enough, you'll have dimples like me. Yeah. No kidding.

A kiss for all my readers! xP

Yes.. What's a little camwhoring without a silly pose? >_<

I'm thinking of getting a fringe again but I have a really oily face so my hair gets all lumpy and gross. Wonder if I should go ahead?

I'm not sure if I'll wear this look out. I'm not comfortable with falsies as they keep peeling off after an hour or two. Especially the inner corner! Is it cos of my glue? o_O

Now.. What do you think of my gyaru look attempt? Personally, to cut short the process, you can just smudge dark eyeshadow around/line your eyes and slap on the falsies lol


  1. Hahaha... your camwhore pictures turn out nice. Not bad, not bad. Can join gyaru group already.

    Just like you, I've nothing against them and I actually love their eyes' makeup. I can never be a gyaru. LOLX. I don't have the attitude or so.

    Btw, your lenses are nice. Where did you get them from?

  2. You look sooooo pretty!!! :)

  3. Aww.. Thanks ^_^

    @ Angel Valerie
    Hahaha no way.. It takes more to be one of them xD Like learning to speak some Jap (I'm hopeless at learning new languages =_=)

    These are Colourvue Blue 3 tone lenses. I got them from Malaya Optical. Not sure if you can get them online o_O

  4. You look really pretty! :) I love how full your lips look :D

  5. WOW-- it seems everyone's doing great attempts at gyaru make lately. :] I really like the eye makeup~.


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